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I would like to see Narcolepsy added to at least one tracker. I have been unable to find any resources for this other than the sleep tracker, and the options for entering medications are limited to ones for sleep. There should be a tracker that allows you to input symptoms of narcolepsy (which seems to be somewhat of an unknown disorder) that lets you input symptoms such as cataplexy, automatic behavior, medications (such as Ritalin), and scheduled nap times.
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Thanks for the great suggestion. We'll add the following to the sleep tracker:

Symptoms: cataplexy, hypersomnia, sleep attack, hallucinations
Treatments: Ritalin, Dextroamephetamine, Provigil
Events: MSL and Sleep lab study

Unfortunately scheduled nap times are a bit difficult to add at the moment. We'll keep this on the list for future enhancements.

We'll let you know when these items are added to the tracker. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the suggestion. The above symptoms, treatments, and events have been added to the Sleep Tracker.

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