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Tracker Requests - Exercise, Diabetes and Pain

Hi Everyone,

Many members have requested a pain tracker, a diabetes/glucose level tracker, and either an exercise tracker or more functionality added to the weight tracker. We wanted to let you know that all these trackers are on our list of to-do's and we're trying to get to them as quickly as possible. We thank you all for your suggestions. If you'd like to have these trackers added, please add a comment to this post rather than creating a new thread. We'll let you know when the new trackers are available. Thanks!

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I LOVE the idea of the pain and exercise trackers!  I have endometriosis and want to start really keeping track of my pain so I can show my doctor.  But also, I've seen the weight tracker when I've clicked on peoples' profiles.  I haven't used it because I don't particularly want to advertise my weight!  I'd rather it be something only I can access.
211043 tn?1337054301
AH HA!  I just went to add the tracker to check it out and discovered that you can keep it private!  Great!
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I'd also like to see a pain tracker and an exercise tracker.  Could you make the exercise tracker accessible to people with medical conditions that limit their ability to exercise?  I've seen exercise trackers on other sites where the options are all things like going to the gym, whereas I have severe ME and for me, exercise can mean simply getting out of the flat.
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i would love a glucose tracker and also some new features on the weight loss tracker!! i'm so excited...can't wait for them to be out and start using them! ;0)
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I don't need a glucose tracker, but I'd love a facility for marking the times of day when I eat, perhaps in a similar fashion to the way sleep is marked on the sleep tracker.  I need to eat every few hours for a variety of medical reasons, and I think there are a variety of medical conditions this is true of.
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I think a pain tracker would be a great tool to present to the doctors during an appointment.  I am also limited in the amount and types of exercise I can do due to Degenerative Disk Disease, Fibromyalgia, and other undiagnosed autoimmune troubles I have.  It would be nice if the new exercise tracker could accomodate all of us in some way or another.

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