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User Group questions

WOW!  I just created a user group and would like to post a statement not a question.  There are no options.... I'm talking none, zip, ZERO.  

Why have "User Groups" as an option to create one if the administrator/creator of the group can't post a statement?  Sorry to say, this was a waste of my time.  

My suggestion:  Make the user groups worth creating for people and give them the ability to POST SOMETHING. Not everyone will have something to ask, but maybe someone has something to say!!!
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Perhaps you are looking for our "Health Pages" area, similar to those available on our communities?  Here is a link to one as an example? If you look at the upper right hand side they are entitled "Health Pages" on this community.


At this time, we don't offer that feature in our User Groups, but if enough of our members are interested we may be able to add that to our list for requested new features.

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Hi there -

Forgive me if I'm confused, but it looks like you posted your article.  "Post a Question" really means "start a thread".  It can be a question, comment, resource, etc.

Does this help?

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Hi Claire,

Thanks for acknowledging my suggestion.   So, is there an option to post a resource, announcement, tip ect.?  Because most of what I'd like to post are not questions.  I don't get it?  You have an option to add a poll, but there's no option to add a statement.  
Actually, LOL adding a poll is the ONLY option.  Very disappointing!  Maybe you should look at the member community groups on WEBMD.com.  They are simple and set up logically.  

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Hi there,

I can see the post you created, so it looks like you're able to post there.  Other members need to join the group by clicking the big green "Join this group" button before they can post.  Regardless of whether or not they join, anyone is able to read the posts if it's a public group.

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