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Weight Tracker Gadget for Hompage -- as in iGoogle replacement

Could the guru's at Medhelp help those of us, and the greater audience, get access to a homepage gadget for the weight tracker?  The iGoogle page currently offers the MedHelp Weight Tracker gadget and it helps many of maintain a daily record of our weight.  But iGoogle is being discontinued this month and we all have to more our home pages.  The most common homepage replacements do not yet offer the MedHelp Weight Tracker or MedHelp Food Diary Gadget.  I tried to write my own, and it doesn't appear difficult for a professional programmer, but I -- alas -- am not a professional and couldn't get it to work.  So could you please have the iGoogle Weight Tracker and many the Food Diary written and offered as a homepage gadget on my.yahoo.com, netviber, ighome, MyMSN, Protopage, Symbaloo, Ustart (the most commonly recommended replacements for the soon to be defunct iGoogle home or start page system)?  Please?    PLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE----

(The iGoogle weight tracker gadget, for which we need a replacement info, can be found at  http://www.google.com/ig/directory?dpos=top&root=/ig&url=www.medhelp.org/widget_files/igoogle/weight_tracker.xml)
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Thanks -- the new apps for our personalize webpages work great.
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Hi there -

You can access the My Diet Diary Chrome app directly here - http://www.medhelp.org/chrome/diet_diary


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Hi, bdilley,

I'll pass this along to our developers.  In the meantime (if you use Chrome), have you checked out our Chrome Apps?  They can be accessed from your computer's taskbar even when Chrome is closed, and sync up with mobile apps and our profile pages here.

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