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Why change to this latest input node ???

Anyone think this new long-handed method of inputting heart rate, blood pressure and symptoms etc is a step forward ?
The old way was much simpler, so why have they decided on this change ???
Am I missing something ??
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What browser are you using? You should be getting a pop up. Make sure your pop up blocker allows MedHelp pop ups.

I'm sorry you are unsatified, but we will work to fix this.


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Hi Clair, yes I did get Emily's  message, but it only addressed the 'symptoms' data input (which is still a long handed way) as opposed to the original method of just clicking on the boxes below the graph.

The main problem still exists as their is no 'pop-up' box to input HR & BP. only a calender which is the start of the long handed method to input HR. & BP. instead of the original 'pop up' box with the three areas to input all data in one operation.
Hoping you can see the value of the original release.
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Hi, RSole,

I noticed that you haven't responded to Emily's post a few days ago, so I'm not sure if you saw her last response to you.  As you know, our engineers are currently working on the journal issue and, if you can give us more specifics about the trouble you're having with data entry, it will help us in getting this resolved for you.

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