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bug in "my communities"

This was changed a couple weeks ago, and now it doesn't work properly. Most of the time it's frozen so I can't select the community's most recent posts. I've tried this on more than one computer so I'm sure its a bug in the soft ware.
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The way it is supposed to work is when you mouse over the bar, the community opens to show the most recent posts. You might just have to hold the mouse over the bar a little longer.
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It works the way you describe only 3% of the time, the rest of the time it doesn't do anything. When it works properly, it expands with the mouse over the forum almost instantaneously. I've confirmed that multiple computers have the same problem, so it is clearly a problem with the web site.

Now I have to find a recent post to get into the right community, it's quite inconvenient.
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hi jason
try going to the top rt of your screen and clicking on MY SHORTCUTS this will bring up the list of all the forums ur on than just click on this forum or anyother u wish to access and it should help!
good luck
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Yep, I have that problem too.  Doesn't matter how long I hold it there.  But it's not as annoying as the magic moving boxes that follow my cursor along.  Still, I love this site!
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We've implemented a couple fixes to the My Communities widget. Let us know if you're still experiencing issues. If so, please respond with your operating system (Vista, XP, Mac, etc.) and your browser and your browser version (we need both). Your browser and version is something like IE 7, IE 8, FF3.

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Seems to be working normally now. Thank you.

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