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delete post

How do i delete a post? I want the first question i posted gone as i copied and pasted the wrong info.
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Hi - I deleted the first post you made.  If that's not the right one, let me know and I'll fix it.
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Hi. I have the same problem. I need to delete the first question so I can copy and paste the more accurate details in a new post. How can I do that?
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I'll send you a private message.
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I would like to delete my (first and so far only) question also and move it to a different section (the 'ask the doctor' one)

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Hi, Eyris,

Unfortunately, we're unable to move your post to one of our expert forums.  In June 2014, MedHelp discontinued its "Ask a Doctor" Forums following its merger with Physicians Interactive, Inc., a provider of mobile clinical resources for healthcare providers.  Despite its success in serving as an important resource for our members, MedHelp is unable at this time to continue offering this service due to regulatory restrictions.  

We appreciate the work our experts have provided to date and will continue to offer our support in communities where members can receive peer support from our community leaders, along with other users.  Our "Ask a Doctor" Forums will also remain as a resource through user search of its archived expert Q&A.

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