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dis app is *****

my period days jumping i dont like this app sorry
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Hi - I'm sorry you're having difficulties with the app. Can you elaborate on what you mean by the period days jumping? We'd be happy to help you with any problems.
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what i mean by jumping is for example it said my period was suppose to come july 3 now it saying another date
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Hi there -

If your period didn't come on July 3, the app will adjust accordingly. Is it telling you that you are late?

If your period has arrived, you need to enter that into the app.

Please send us an email and we can help you further. Tap on the 3 short horizontal lines in the upper left of the app, scroll down, and tap on Support. You can then send us an email, and please include the details of what's happening, and you can let us know that you've posted here and I asked you to email. This will enable us to take a look at your data.

Thanks, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

The MedHelp Team
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ok thanks......now i see it jump to july 6 i didnt get a period for june so im in a situation now i dont know whats going on i have other apps and they both say my period is due july 15 supposebly but this app and glow app is just jumping dates every day

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