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heart rhythm tracker

I realize your motives are good, but those patients who would be most likely to access your heart rhythm are those who should not!  You are probably aware that there are many super anxious people, to put it mildly, on the heart rhythm forums.  I think your tracker will just encourage them to obsess even more than they already do!  The HUGE majority of them have totally benign rhythms anyway, so they really need to learn just to accept them and move on.  The heart rhythm physician, Dr. Mcm. is very very good at explaining that, but many have some neurotic need to try to find something really wrong anyway.  I'm sure you won't take the tracker away, but I had to say my piece!
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I have panic disorder and MVP. To me, having this tracker is priceless. It actually will help me on my focusing techniques to reduce the amount of palpitations I experience.

Others can easily spot the effect of medications. All in all, I think it does much more good than not having it.

Just my .02
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Why no comment on this thread from Medhelp??  You don't value my input?
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Thank you for sharing your opinion. As you stated above, we won't be removing the tracker. We're not in a position to judge whether or not someone should be using the tracker. This is for them and their doctors to decide. If there are people who benefit from the tracker, we would be doing them a disservice by not providing one.

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