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help with animals

i was reading about dogs on this site. r there any expert vets here? or any kind of animal dr.?
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Hi - you can find our new Dog Expert forum here:


Let us know if you have any other questions.  We'd be happy to help!
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Please help!!! My 5 month old ginger tabby his been gagging for three days and this morning vomited, he doesn't want to eat or drink. So I bought de-worming pill and de-wormed all my animals. Does anyone think that this will help or is it more serious? I really love and animal and would hate to lose any of them.
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hi....we do have a Cat community here on Medhelp..click on the link below


please do not give any de-wormers to a cat that is already ill...sound like your cat may have a hairball lodged in his throat....was there a wad of hair in the vomit he brought up?...if this doesn't resolve now after the vomit than your kitty really needs to see a Vet asap..not eating for even a few days can cause a cats body to go into Hepatic Lipidosis and this can be fatal...post on the cat forum if we can help more.
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