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i have a suggestion

make the charts printable
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i agree. that way we can bring them to our doctors.
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You can.  Look at your keyboard.  On the top row in the righthand side, you should see "Print Screen."  Hit that key.  Then, open a program like MSPaint and paste the image into the program (Edit menu or Ctrl + v).  You can then crop and print the image.
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I do the same as Finger printed and take them into my doctor.  He loves to review them and he can see how my mood has been for the month
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yes. i've right clicked on them and opened them as images and printed them (much easier than having to edit in a image editing program). but, it would be nice if there was an easy way to print them where we didn't have to crop/resize or do anything like that.. and where we could print specific time frames and stuff like that too. it would be a good feature for medhelp to offer.
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A quick and easy print feature has been added to your trackers. Just move the slider to the date range you want to print and then click the little print icon in the upper right. That will print whatever is displayed on the screen. No need to save the tracker as an image anymore.
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Thank you!!! :)
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