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iPhone Apps

Hello All,

We just launched our very first iPhone App, My Cycles. You can use the app to track your periods, track ovulation if you're trying to conceive and your moods. If you link it to your MedHelp account, it'll automatically sync the data so that you can view your updated trackers online.

You can download it for free on the iPhone App Store.

As we think about what other trackers we should release as iPhone apps, we'd love to hear suggestions from you. What are your favorite trackers? Which ones can you not live without? If you have an iPhone, we'd like to know which trackers you would use on a daily basis?

Leave us a comment below.

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how about apps for men and apps for the my touch phone
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I would love to see a Mood chart such as the one you have already.
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I am a nurse. So many Men have on and off symptoms that they don't track. Many times these symptoms can be traced to foods, drinks, meds, places, allergies. And sometimes they can be a signal of something very serious. We all know that a lot of Men out there push these things aside and shy away from doctors. I think that an app that lists a symptom and then asks questions around eating and activities, etc. would help them identify lifestyle changes that need to be made, or, symptoms more serious that need medical attention.  Also, the above comment concerning mood charts and behaviors was an excellent idea.
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Yay for the cycles app! : )

As someone with major depressive disorder, I also would love to see a Mood Tracker App; there are currently no good ones available. As someone who suffers from anxiety, but personally does not find much use for the anxiety app that you do have (which is no criticism,), I would also encourage an anxiety-tracking app, since that might be particularly helpful to those who experience intense anxiety when outside the home (they can record it much sooner, and when they have a clearer idea of the trigger).

All good ideas so far! : )
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Weight tracker app please!
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I'd love the app to work for droid. Any thought about making it work for other smart phones?
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Thanks for all the great suggestions. Please keep them coming.

Starlarae - Android phones are also a high priority for us as well. We'll let you know when we launch some Android apps.
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I got really excited and started using the my cycles app, but now I can't figure out how to sync it. I've read the faq which says there's supposedly a synch button under settings. Well, there isn't for me. What am I missing? I'd really like to see my BBT charts!
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Eep. Nevermind ;) I got it working.
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If you have a MedHelp account, it should automatically sync. I just looked at your ovulation tracker, and it looks like it did sync today.


Does it look right here?
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The info stored on my iPod has transferred over to the website, but the information I added on the website has not added to my iPod.  Why is that?

Also, I think because the ovulation/menstrual tracker are combined with the app (which is GREAT!), there should be an option to add miscarriage and pregnancy.  That is the only way to truly track ovulation and menstrual cycles.  Otherwise, there are big gaps between regular cycles.
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The data from the website should automatically sync to your phone whenever you open the application and you have a data connection. Can you try opening and closing your app again in a place that you know you have data connectivity (e.g. your home)? Let us know if that worked or if your data still won't sync to your phone.

Also, the sync only works for the last 30 days right now. We're working on making the sync a longer time period, so if you try the data connectivity test and it still doesn't work, it may be because your data is from over 30 days ago. In that case, bear with us and in our next update, we'll make the sync go back further in time.

If you have ovulation detection turned on, in your app, you can track results of a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) which is how you can indicate if you're pregnant. A miscarriage would actually be tracked in the Pregnancy iPhone app we'll be launching soon. When we launch that app, if you indicate that you were pregnant in the My Cycles app, you'll have the opportunity to download the pregnancy app. There you'll be able to track miscarriages and other information.

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I downloaded the app to my iphone, and I love that it gives me an idea of when to expect my menstrual cycle.  The problem is that my cycles are all over the place right now!

How can I change it in my calendar that I did not menstruate on days when it says I should be, and add that I did menstruate on days that it shows I don't?

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Hi, Katie,

You may want to go back a few cycles and enter the info for those as well to see if it looks more accurate.  If not, be sure to use the feedback feature on the app for more help.

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Thanks Claire!

I went to put in my flow information this morning and the calendar re-configured with the new info, including erasing the incorrect flow information from the week before.

I guess I'll just need to over-write it for a few more months!

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mood tracker for iphone!
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