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mood tracker app - how to get on iphone?

How do I get the Mood Tracker App on my iPhone?  It doesn't come up when I search the app store.
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Hi there.  Thanks for your interest in MedHelp trackers and apps!  When you are logged into the site as you were when you asked this question, you can go to the tool bar at the top of this and every page and you'll see "Health Tools".  You can set up the mood tracker found in the tracker section (one of the choices that is in the drop down box when you click Health Tools) along with many other helpful trackers you can use.  These will be on your MedHelp profile page to set up, update and use.  As far as apps, there is also a choice that will drop down when you click on "Health Tools" that says "IPhone and IPad Apps".  When you open that, you can download any of the available apps from there.  

Please let us know if this does not answer your question or you need any further help.  Again, thanks for your interest and hope you enjoy using MedHelp trackers and Apps.  
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