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need a way to delete our post

i think everyone will agree on this. we should have a way to delete our unwanted post. we should have a delete button and not have to send you messages asking for you to delete them for us. when we get our questions answered or solved it should be as easy to delete them as posting them. i know it might help someone else but not after 10+ pages . i have had a couple i wanted to delete but had no way to do it. not being able to delete post could keep others from posting. please make a way to make this happen. comment if you agree ...
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Thanks for your thoughts!  At this time, this isn't a feature we plan to add.  The previous posts on our site create an archive of medical information that is helpful for everyone - not just the individual who posted the question.  Deleting posts does not help others get the information and support for which they are searching.

If you have a question about a specific post or see a post that violates our Terms of Use we would be happy to review any of those.  You can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to get in touch with more information.
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Yes. Both a delete and especially an edit. Often there is a mispelling that is not immediately caught, and it is embarrasing not to be able to make the correction. I think a compromise might be made with a 24 hour delete for any reason, and then, if not deleted the post would remain. Sometimes one inadvertantly posts incorrect information and it would be appropriate to enable this to be corrected in the initial post.
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