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will an edit button ever be possible?

Is there any chance an edit button will ever be spawned? I completely understand the reasons for not having one; however, it'd be nice to at least have the option to edit a post that was just submitted within a certain time range - for instance, having maybe 15-20 minutes to edit your post, and after the 15-20 minutes is up, tough luck. It'd be nice to not have to create another post directly under the original post. It just adds to the number of responses for that forum when you have to do that.
*Please don't leave any mean replies to me about my question. I know some people can be harsh and get aggravated when answering a question like this*    :(
Crystal, RN
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I don't see any reason for aggravation - it's a very reasonable question.  We can't say when or if this feature will be available, but I know it's been suggested a few times before.  Thanks for bringing it up, and we'll pass it along.  Happy New Year!
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Thanks for the reply! The reason I asked is because I was replying to someone the other day and a few minutes later, after I proofread and posted, a bunch of other things popped in my head to add and things to change to make it better but I didn't want to create a new comment as an addendum.  I guess you could say I marinated...or just an extra long afterthought...
Anyhoo, cheers!
Happy New Year!
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I think it is a good idea.


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I'd like to see an edit feature as well.
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Thanks, folks -- this has been suggested in the past, and it may be included in future updates to the site, though we have no firm plan or timeline for it right now. Kirstie's passed along the suggestion to the folks who make such changes. :)

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Well hello again Claire! Lol. :)

Thanks :)
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Yes, sometimes I'd just like to correct a typo.
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I'd be happy with just 5 minutes; it would not need to be 15 or 20.  That way typos and too-hasty remarks can be fixed.  
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Yes I agree some type of edit or even a preview button prior to posting
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