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To anyone who has had CVS to diagnose IP during pregnancy, how long did it take to get your results back?  Thank you!
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Hello I am also wondering this. We are currently ttc and I want to do CVS. We recently lost a little boy to IP. We were going to do an amnio but I lost him before we could do one :( All the more reason my want to do cvs.
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I just wanted to let you know that I had my CVS last Thursday (11.5 weeks pg).  The procedure was uncomfortable but over quickly and I felt fine afterwards.  They told me it could be up to 7 weeks for the IP results!  I certainly hope not!  My genetic counselor thinks it will be closer to 4, so we shall see.  We had preliminary results back on Saturday, all chromosome counts are normal and it's a boy.  He does have a high nuchal fold measurement though, so we do anticipate that he will have IP.  I am very nervous about miscarriage and will be having weekly ultrasounds.  Can I ask how far along you were when you miscarried? I am 12 weeks.  I will certainly keep you updated so you know what to expect.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Have fun TTC!
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Hi, thank you for sharing! I really hope that all goes well.  I know 50/50 isn't the greatest odds, but try to keep hope. I am glad that they are offering you weekly ultrasounds. I had my first ultrasound at 14 weeks and we were told the baby was a boy. We had a amnio scheduled but didn't make it that far. At 17 weeks I miscarried, he was measuring around 15 weeks. Please let me know how everything goes, I know you are probably super nervous right now. ((((hugs))))
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I know I already replied to you privately, just thought I'd put some info here in case other people are looking at this later -

When my CVS was done through Baylor, it took 4 weeks to get results back.  There is another option - if you have already done a PGD before, then your PGD clinic may be able to do your CVS analysis and get results back in just one week.  For my other 2 CVSs, we had them done through RGI, where we previously did a PGD, and they got the results back to us both times in just 1 week.
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Now that I've gotten my results back, I wanted to share that they took 5 weeks.  The cells grew in a lab for 3 weeks and then were at Baylor for testing for 2 weeks.
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In case any else comes across this, I wanted to add that you can also have the testing done through GeneDX and the results took about 10 days.
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