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Looking for description of breast disorders associated with IP

I have read that one of the side-effects of IP are developmental issues with the breasts.  Can someone please describe this further?  I have an extra nipple, which I now assume is because of this, but I've also been experiencing extreme breast duct pain following nursing or pumping that no one can explain (thrush and mastitis have been ruled out.)  I have oddly shaped areola and a flat nipple as well.  I have 2nd & 3rd degree burn scars on my entire chest, from when I was 2 years old, so I'm not sure what was developmental because of IP and what was damage caused by the burns, but I am wondering if this pain is somehow associated with IP, and if so, if there is anything I can do about it so that I can continue to nurse my baby girl (who was just diagnosed with IP this morning.)
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Hello, i also had a third nipple, which i had removed when i was 12 years old. I have 2 girls and i breast feed both of them just fine. when i was breast feeding i had pain in my nipples from them being sore. other than that i didn't have problems breast feeding.
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Hello I haven't had any issues with my breasts or nipples. I breast feed my daughter successfully for 13 months. She has IP too and I have noticed that they are slightly uneven. I pointed this out to her dermatologist and she confirmed that she saw it too.
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