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When moms carrying a boy with IP usually miscarry?

We told our doctor we wanted to get an amnio to determine if the baby has IP. My wife already got tested and the mutation was identified by Baylor. We went to see the genetic counselor today and she called Baylor and they said we were cutting it very close. My wife is 19 weeks pregnant and it would take 2 weeks to grow the cells from the amnio and another 3-5 weeks to test. By the time we find out she'd already be 24 weeks. So its our fault we didn't get this done earlier. Our doctor never mentioned it but I dont think he realized it took that long either.

Anyway, we got an ultrasound also today and the tech thinks its a boy. She still cant tell 100% though. So basically we got a 50/50 chance of the IP being passed onto the boy and him not being born. But I cant find anywhere online on when the miscarriage typically happens and our genetic counselor did not know either.

Anybody out there know?
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Hi there, I also have IP and is currently 5 weeks pregnant, i have the same questions as well.... how are you guys doing? any updates??? i really don't know what to do, i would never get rid of my baby even if they told me that it had  ip... i am very stressed :(
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I have a mom and 2 sisters with IP.  My mom had 3 girls.  She did have 4 miscarriages (we believe they were probably all boys).  My older sister had had quite a few miscarriages herself (no live babies -- but she also has other health issues).  I, myself, which I don't have IP (have 2 boys).  My younger sister, which does have IP, did have 2 miscarriages.  The doctors told her to just keep trying for girls.  But don't lose faith -- she has a healthy 1-year old son.  All of the miscarriages were earlier on in the pregnancy.  God Bless You All!
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Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! so just to get my hopes up, the miscarrages your mom and sisters had happened very early?? earlier than 7 weeks of beign pregnant? Thank you so much!
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Yes, their miscarriages were early (before 10-12 weeks).  Good luck!
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My first pregnancy was identical twin boys with IP, and they died naturally at 12 weeks, although I had what's called a "missed miscarriage" - nothing came out, so I didn't find out that they died until my next ultrasound.

My second pregnancy was another boy with IP, and we got our test results back at 12 weeks, and terminated the pregnancy, and he was still alive at that point.
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hi there, i am currently pregnant for the first time, 22 weeks, i confirmed that i am having a little girl, i am not running any tests, i am just hoping for the best, i will keep you guys posted, she will be born on October 10, 2009. i am so worried but i wanted this, i didn't want to get older and regret not trying, my mom had two boys and myself, i am the first in the family with IP, i am assuming that you also have IP. keep trying and let God decide for your baby. let me know if you have any questions.
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