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dr said, my baby has hypomelanosis of ito

My dr said my baby has hypomelanosis of ito. I was told not to worry about it, then a week ago she started having what looks like a siezure. She only has it when she is sleeping, all of a sudden she opens her eyes and gives thie blank stare then her fist starts twitching and clenching and she isnt responsive, then she starts like burping ang gets the hiccups then seems to come to and goes back to sleep. So, i told the dr and he refered us to a nuerologist, we are going tommorow. So, then i decided to look up this skin disorder and found about ip which i guess from reading is the opposite of hypomelanosis of ito aka incontinentia pimenti achromians. Now i am concerned. When i was growing up i also had a skin disorder that no one could ever diagnose. I belive i could have ip myself. please if anyone knows about hypomelanosis of ito let me know. I am concerned about these siezures my baby is haveing.
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Unfortunately this forum is only for IP.  However, if you would like information about Ito I would suggest you log on to the NORD web site.
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search yahoo and facebook groups as there are support groups for HI at both these sites thanks
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