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My name is Tami, and I am a mother to 4 wonderful and beautiful children. However, life as a new mother wasn't always easy for me. All of my children, including my 3 week old daughter have suffered needlessly for MONTHS due to the misused diagnosis of colic.

My now 6yr old son suffered for 5 months before he got his relief. He was diagnosed with colic at 1 week old, and I was told to just leave him in his crib, walk out of the room, and let him cry himself to sleep. My son would cry for literally 18-20 hours a day. He had chronic constipation, and chronic yeast infections, and severe eczema. I finally decided to walk myself into my son's pediatricians office and DEMAND she help my son. She finally suggested that my son had a milk protein allergy, she switched our formula to hypoallergenic, and within 24hrs of being on his new formula, he was a changed, much happier baby who slept all through the night.

My son however now suffers from severe throat issues. He has a thickened esophagus lining, and other gastrointestinal issues that will taunt him for the rest of his life. Had he not been diagnosed with colic, and his doctor looked further into his symptoms, and listened to me, he wouldn't have to suffer from chronic life long and life altering issues.

DO NOT let this story become yours or your child's. You are your baby's best and only advocate. Listen to your instincts and listen to your heart, if you feel there is something other than colic/gas that is causing your child to cry non stop...go get a second opinion, and don't stop until your baby has the relief he/she deserves.

This group will help aid those parents who don't know where to even start, and it will be the shoulder for frustrated parents to lean on for support in getting the help their baby needs.
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AMEN!! I would of been pissed about watching such a video also! Goodness I was in tears just when they said to get our medical check for the baby to go home he had to be seen and assed in the nursery ( but I could watch through the window) I stood there feeling mor eangry by the min watching I counted 37 babies side by side in baby beds all crying just about with NO ONE to hold and console them. I told them my little one could go in just to be checked and was not staying or I woud go in my self to get him.

I have had two with stomach issues. My first 13 years ago had the flap well muscle at the top of his stomach would not close off right and he would projectile vomit after every feed. I nursed to he still gained ( a ton too:) as the hind milk stayed down just not the foremilk. It went away slowly when he was able to sit up on his own more.

Now my 5th he has had somehting totally different. My DH has crohns in his family and other stomach issues along with milk intolerance. He has the silent reflux and I can not have any milk to eat at all or he has exema, spitting up and the whole nine yards. But he still gets some reflux if I eat soem other things I hve yet to determine what it is. He has always been a gassy baby too. I tried him on food for two weeks at 6 months but he could not tolerate it at all. Now at 8 months still nothing! I fed him apples yesterday and he still has yet to go poo and has tons of gas. The boy may never eat I fear. He is growing great though so I am not concerned but don;t know exactly what I will do when he turns 1. Anyone else encounter this problem? I think his belly is not just not developed yet but has issues too. I was thinking about trying a glutein free diet to see if that works. IDK I have no other ideas what to do. I plan on nursing him till he stops on his own too. I did have my second one nurse till past age two so I am not too worried about other foods yet but I know he will want them. SHe would pick at things after a year just not consume anything worth even calling a snack, not even drink a cup till one day she just stopped nursing and picked up her brother cup and drank it down, silly girl she was:)

So anyone have any ideas for my little one on what his problem could be? I am thinking if taking him to my natural dr but I am not sure he can trat him as he can't swallow whole food suppliments:( BUt thought he might be bale to figure out what the issue is. ANyone hear of any natural thing that may help him?
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So many babies these days just get diagnosed with colic these days, and parents do what they think is right and listen to their doctors about just letting their babies cry. I was made to watch a video at the hospital before they would allow me to bring my baby home. It was called

Period of purple crying

And it made me extremely pissed off needless to say. It is a video saying that babies cry to just cry, and there is no cause for it, and parents are to just let their babies cry for hours and hours every day and every night. I having had babies who all had some type of gastro issue was furious. Doctors these days are becoming lazier and lazier when it comes to babies. If your baby cries for 12-18hrs a day...you need to seek advice from a doctor because in my opinion...it is absolutely not normal!

Anyways, thank you for joining! If all us parents can come together and advocate for our babies, maybe the term colic can be taken out of medical books, because colic in my opinion is a diagnosis that does not exist. It is a term doctors made years ago to shut parents up when it came to their crying babies...
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I'm so glad you made this group. My dd is now 5 weeks old and has reflux and a milk protein allergy that I unfortunately passed down to her. We tried her on Good start and she began projectile vomiting after each feeding, so I quickly changed her to Nutramigen. If I hadn't had the allergy I would have attributed it to reflux. It's been a week since we changed her formula and no more vomiting!!!
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