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Abcess from testosterone injection?

On May 28 I injected my left felt with 1ml of testosterone enanthate. Over the course of a few days it got hard and a bit painful and hot to the touch. My family and I were headed on vacation so I tried to ignore the pain. It seemed to subside until one day on vacation I worked out at our resort and this caused my shoulder to become more painful. I tried a hot shower on it and massaged it. The next day it was purple like bruised. I got some amoxicillin prescribed the next day and took it for 5 days. The purple seemed to go away there is barely a slight discoloration remaining today. I went to my Dr June 14 because the pain seemed to come back. Seems like each day it is going further down my arm.  I did not tell him of my testosterone usage. He ordered a series of labs checking wbc t4 tag complete metab and lipid. I am just concerned that the infection may be spreading please help!!!
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Hi and sorry this happened. So do you see any red streaks around the area? Do you have a high fever?  I would see another doctor and they really should do a culture on it because apparently the amoxicillin didn't kill it off all the way. So you should find out what kind of bacteria it is and then they should do a bacterial sensitivity test to see what are the best antibiotics to treat it. Then stay on the course until it is done.  
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