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Air-borne rabies from tires after hitting rabbit

So I think I unavoidably and unfortunately ran over some an animal that was already dead (I believe it was a rabbit), and then 3 minutes after I pulled into the driveway. I got out of my car, and I inspected the tire that ran over the animal, and the wind was blowing from my car to my face. Now, this is really silly, but is there any way that rabies particles could have blown to my face and I thus inhaled it? I may have been about 3 feet from the tire. I'm reasonably eased as it appeared to be a small fur animal and not a bat or fox or raccoon or whatnot, but I'm still concerned.
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You get rabies from the bite or saliva of the animal not the blood. I think you are ok.

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If it was a rabbit or a squirrel, you would have zero concern, regardless.  Small rodents and rabbits are rarely, if ever, infected with rabies, and have never transmitted rabies to humans.
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