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Bacilli Gram Negative Anaerobic

After 5 years of genital and oral infection.
An expensive and renowned lab send my genital analisys with BACILLI GRAM NEGATIVE ANAEROBIC, but they said to me that they cannot make the antibiograma because they are not specialized on anaerobic.
In my country i didnt find any lab to make anaerobic tests.

What antibiotics can i take for this???? I tried many but doesn't work!

Is anyone with this bacteria??? :((

PS:this infection is burning me and make my internal skin dry :(((

Please help!
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Yep  like mkhp said i found this info  which  matches his dvice  :)    http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/50/Supplement_1/S16.full
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Here is a link to information about the anaerobic gram negative Bacilli


It does note that there is some antibiotic resistance among this group.  It also lists a few antibiotics that can be used.  Perhaps you can go through the list and check off the ones you have already tried and try the others.  

I think it is important though for you to know which bug you actually are infected with and what it is susceptible to antibiotic-wise.  There is a disc-diffusion method where you culture the bacteria on a plate and put discs containing different antibiotics and incubate the plate to see where there is an inhibition of growth to show what antibiotic the bacteria is susceptible to.  
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Thank you very much for the answer.
Right now i'm searching for laboratories in my country that can do antibiograma for anaerobic bacilli.
Hope i'll find a lab who can do that because most of people treat this infection like doesn't exist.
Too bad because is very hard to live with this, it burns pretty bad...
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Hi Dollinne,
I agree if you can find someone to do culture or PCR of the gram negative anaerobes they can give you the best treatment. But I think you have Bacterial vaginitis or BV. It is usually treated with Metronidazole. They cannot culture some of the organisms such as Apoptobium and can't do a sensitivity test or Mobiluncus because they are hard to grow, and they don't have  CLSI (ranges that are specified for the lab to test the sensitivity). So, they generally treat based on the group of organisms. BV is known to come back so you may need treatment again if it comes back. But Metronidazole is the standard treatment in the U.S. It would be best to find the specific organism by PCR or culture (whichever they can). To see if there is any resistance. Generally, though this is how they treat this type of infection.
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I read about Metronidazole, but for the moment i will not take because everything is confusing.
I have same sympthoms at vagina, anal area, throat and now at my eyes.
The sympthoms are:
-  pain
-  burnings
-  itching
-  peeling
- dry

Is like i'm geting dry as a raisin :((

I'm geting crazy because nobody can give me a diagnostic :(((, in 5 years nobody was able to tell what i have, they see what i see too, but they dont know  :((
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Revisit  a Dr  so he/she can check you analysis  that you got from the lab and one more time your affected  areas  he/she might prescribe fluconazole (Diflucan)  in case also  you have  a vaginal infection due to the bacterias or fungus  but dont attempt to take  this until you visit  the medic and get his  advice
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I found out, it was helicobacter pylori!
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when you say you found it, it means you're cured now?
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I'm certainly no expert but I always thought that H. pylori was a gastrointestinal bug.  
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