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Bacterial Infection in Tooth

My mom just recently found out she has an infection in her mouth (I think it's in one of her teeth). Anyways, she went to a dentist since she's been having a very bad toothache and she's been prescribed Penicillin. However, after she filled out the prescription she found out that it contained 44 pills and now doesn't want to use it. She's quite against using drugs. She says if she was to use it, she'd only want to use about 8 pills.

We also have a camping trip (in the wilderness without reception) in 4 days.

I know that if she starts the treatment, she should go through with the whole thing, but can you guys help me convince her that she should use the antibiotics?
She thinks 44 pills is a lot. Is it? How bad would the side effects be?
Do you think she should go on the camping trip? She's been pretty tired lately since she can't eat much due to her toothache.

Thanks in advance for any advice :)
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Yes well your mother has an infected tooth. This can cause an abscess and potentially get into the blood stream if it gets too bad. Usually, if she takes the antibiotic it will cure the infection and it will go away. She needs to take the whole prescription because if you don't then it can cause bacterial resistance. It also won't cure the infection. If you only take part of a dose then the infection will come back and usually when it comes back it will be worse. It is best to try to take it before the trip to see if it is going to start working because if it doesn't work and she needs a stronger medicine and she is out in the middle of nowhere that can be dangerous. So, she really needs to take all of her medicine as prescribed.
Hope this helps.
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