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Bugs on hand while cleaning trash. !!

I am absolutely terrified.
I have had used sanitary napkins of 6 months dumped in my dustbin. I finally decided to throw it off. I was throwing all in a garbage bag and suddenly noticed red yellow non moving bugs in the pads and on my hands. Later used the gloves to clean but it was too late.  Washed my hands with lots of soap and water. But probably touched lot of things in the house.
Anyone has had similar experience? I have really bad health OCD and extremely worried about this..
I know it is gross and It has happened yesterday night and I still disgusted about it till today.
I am now cleaning the house every 30mins.
Is it possible I could have transferred the bug eggs on my tap and then consumed it or something?
Ewww.. more worried about my family then me at this point.
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Sounds like maggots or something from the trash?  I assume you washed your hands as soon as you went into the house after the bug incident? If so then the only thing I see was that the door knobs might have some bacteria. If you haven't gotten sick and you cleaned everything down I think you will be okay. But where did the sanitary napkins come from? Were there yours or someone else's. If yours you have nothing to worry about. If they belonged to a stranger then if again if you didn't have any cuts on your hands and you washed your hands then you be fine.
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Also, you didn't have any open cut on your hands and didn't touch your eyes or mouth and again it wasn't your blood on the napkins as I mentioned above  you should be okay. Whether there were bugs or worms there doesn't matter . If you always take the trash out and wash your hands then you won't have any additional exposure than you would in this case unless the blood was someone else's and you got it into a wound or open sore or in your eyes, nose or mouth. even then you would have extremely low risk of getting anything. Yes there are bacteria everywhere. On the sink, in the bathroom on door knobs, pens etc. We normally have bacteria that is usually protective on our skin and various parts of the body.
Napkins were mine. I should have used gloves, but since I those were my napkins I shrugged it off.
Yes I did wash my hands after that and cleaned everything I had touched with disinfectant later. I disinfected quite late, my main concern is the tap I used to wash my hands. What if transferred the germs/eggs to the tap. We generally use that tap much then the other taps in the house. Mainly for brushing and we use same tap to wash hands before having meal or something. What if the eggs got transferred to it while I opened it to wash my hands. Though it's my habit to spill some water on taps while washing my hands. But it's just water.
More then that I just remember now that I switched on lights of our kitchen with the soiled hands and didn't clean it. And after that My husband went into the kitchen to cook, and he was the last person to switch off the lights and then we immediately had the meal. Now I am worried what if he gets anything in his hands from this scenario. I have later cleaned it with disinfectant an all. But it didn't occur to me at that time.
Are you more worried about the worms or the bacteria/viruses in the trash? I would worry more about the viruses or bacteria. But if you don't develop any symptoms in the next couple of days you will be fine. The larvae in trash comes from flies. These can infect pets but generally don't infect humans. The larvae have to get on the skin and inject the parasite into an animal not usually humans.  One can get viruses and bacteria from touching soiled surfaces. But if it has been sitting a few days it is not likely.
So anytime you touch trash, or are in public and touch surfaces like door knobs, pens, elevator buttons, rails, anything where other people you don't know are touching these things , wash your hands and don't touch your face. Look at the CDC website www.cdc.gov search for anything you are concerned about.

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