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Bullfrog blood splashes into eyes

I am a  college student in China.On October 24th, I dissected a frog in the laboratory (not sure whether it was a bullfrog or a frog). At that time, I needed to skin the frog, and the frog's blood or other body fluids were sprayed into my eyes. After a few hours, I washed them with plenty of water. Now I feel no discomfort. I am afraid of being infected with parasites and getting eye/brain sparganosis. I'm not sure if there are parasites in this frog
There are many questions I would like to ask
1 whether this behavior is likely to infect parasites? 2Is it possible for parasites to multiply in my body
3Will I go blind or die.
4How soon will it take me to test?
5Or what kind of  symptoms show, I need to be tested.
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Usually the schools have frogs and other animals in a preservative like formalin. I don't see any danger of infection but formalin is a chemical and most chemicals can cause some eye irritation.  If you rinsed your eyes well and don't have any any problems now you will be fine. mkh9
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Regarding your other questions
1. You wouldn't get a parasite from a splash in the eye from the frog.  
2. You won't go blind or die. But you should see a eye doctor to make sure there is no damage in the eye if a preservative was used on the frog. If no preservative was used the only bacteria that I know frogs can have is Salmonella.  Perhaps they may give you antibiotics.  But it's not likely since you rinsed your eyes well right?If you have redness,  discharge or pain in the eye or blurred vision see an eye doctor right away to check your eyes. Otherwise if you have no symptoms you should be fine.
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