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Can an infection in a knee replacement be caused by pancreatitis?

I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and also at the same time my knee replacement that was 15 months old became infected and I'm just wondering if they are tied together.
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Hi, and welcome to the Infectious disease forum.  Unless you have a blood infection I doubt that the knee infection and pancreatitis are connected. It also depends on whether you are immunocompromised. Have you had a super high fever and chills? If so I would see the doctor. The bacteria from the knee infection  would have to leak into the blood into order for it to get into the pancreas and vice versa. Did the knee infection happen soon after it was placed in the knee? If so it could have come from surgery. Meaning that perhaps a bacteria on the skin got into the knee when they did surgery. Often it is due to a Staphyloccus species type of bacteria. But other bacteria can occur in these devices. Pancreatitis is inflammation or swelling of the pancreas and usually isn't infected. But it is also possible to get an infection in an organ. But I believe that it would have to then leak into the blood to get to the knee. Hope this helps?
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