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Can it be meningitis? Sepsis? Septicemia? Food poisoning?

Yesterday I ate this sort of cold piece of KFC chicken, and I started to get a little nauseous after that, then I went out and ate some shish kabobs here in Peru, I began to feel a little nauseous etc etc and then I fell asleep and woke up with a bloated stomach, everytime I burped, vomit with the taste of that shish kabob would come up. And after a couple of hours of fighting with myself, I finally threw up. I fell asleep and woke up with horrible lower back pain and next pain, and feeling really nauseous and unbalanced. I kind of feel like I have a fever, I'm a hypochondriac so I tend to over react and my heart BPM is about 110. I'm really scared. My bed does have a gap in it and I always suffer from occasional next pains, but can it be associated with meningitis? Sepsis? Septicemia? I still feel like throwing up, when I stand up I don't feel as nauseous as I thought, and my neck stops hurting. But I'm really scared, not a lot of money to go to the doctor. Could it just be that the food made me sick? I'm scared
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Hi, sorry I just saw this message. I think you just had reflux. You should be okay by now.
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