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Can you get infectious diseases by sharing an oral thermometer?

Can you get serious diseases if the clinic you visited does not follow hygiene protocols and uses the same oral thermometer on all their patients without disinfecting it after its use?    Do you need to have your blood tested for possible infectious diseases such as Hep. A, B,C, HIV, etc.?  
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No you’re fine. Maybe a respiratory infection
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Hi, it is not likely to get serious disease from saliva. However, you could potentially get mononucleosis (if you haven't yet been exposed to Epstein Barr Virus), Strep throat , Hepatitis A, Herpes type1 (but most people have it by the time they are an adult even if you don't see cold sores), influenza, and rhinovirus or cold like viruses.  The risk is very low because your saliva has protective enzymes and antibodies to kill off bacteria and other viruses. You can't get HIV, or Hepatis B or C.
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