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Cat scratch

Hello, I was under my apartment getting something when a stray cat suddenly scratched me vigorously. I went up to my house and immediately cleaned it with soap, water and perfume. Should i get a rabies vaccine?
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Plz respond as im in a foreign country and dont know what to do
What country? It sounds like a very low possibility. Perhaps you should see a doctor.  If it didn't bite you. But say if the cat licked its paws and scratched you it is possible.  So to be safe.  I would check with  a doctor.
Its Malaysia.
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Hi, Did the cat just scratch you and didn't bite you anywhere? Did it get its saliva in your scratch or eyes, nose or mouth? Rabies is transmitted by you getting its saliva in a wound, or mucous membrane.
im not sure if saliva came in contact with the wound. but it just scratched me on my leg to the point of bleeding, no biting.

Read this link from the CDC.

Most animals can show symptoms by 10 days but it can take several weeks sometimes. They recommend seeing the doctor the first few days of exposure with an unknown animal even if it is a scratch.
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