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Cervical lymph node left side

I am had itching and outer swelling in left ear for seven days, bad smell from nose and posterier cervical lymph node raised slighlty on the left side that hurts to move neck. Doctor gave me augmentin 625 MG thrice a day but lymph node was still hurting while moving neck then doctor changed the antibiotic to ceruxim 500. Now swelling has gone but pain is still there and node can be felt to touch when I tilt my head. Please suggest
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When we have a reactive lymph node it does not immediately disappear as we get better.  I have had lymph nodes that are still noticeable a month or so after being ill that can still be felt.  Then they disappear.  What were you diagnosed with? A skin infection (mentioning itching and swelling by ear) or something sinus related?  
Doc said its non specific as I do not have any fever and only a single node which felt only bending neck. He suggest to get FNAC but he assured that report will come out clear. I had ear infection with swelling  and slight cold
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It is usually caused by an infection either bacterial or viral. But lymph nodes may stay swollen after the infection is gone for a few months. Do you know what he was treating you for?
Ear infection and cold
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I went for FNAC but lab person refused to do so as lymph node was very less and he cant perform FNAC bcoz result will not be clear. Doctor prescribed rutoheal tab twice a day which has heal the swelling but it was causing me tongue ulcers on tip. I am still feeling pain in lymph node though and ear pain if I belches.  I am very stressed due to all this. Does all this indicating some serious illness?
If the lymph nodes are not large enough they are not a concern. Lymph nodes swell when you get an infection. It is normal.  Ulcers on the tongue and cheek can be viral too. So it may not be from the drug. Hard to say. If you don't have a fever and the lymph nodes are going down you sound like you are getting better.
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