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Collembolla or Morgellon's???

It seem's my life is turning into a living hell with symptom's that nobody believe's yet I have proof of what is torturingme.  First of all I am of sane mind... I have worked for Kaiser for the last 7 years and have a stable life... until this.  It started with wetness in my clothes along the seems that made them stick to me and sting me or more like pin pricks.  I then noticed what looked like dirt and tobacco in my bedroom set drawers.... nothing ever crawling or looking alive.  I treated for bed bugs... lice scabies ....but to no avail.  Months later I started feeling like things were crawling on my scalp... now it is to the point of my clothes being thrown away...my furniture... leather couch literally blew up like a balloon with  a weird feather creature inside of it and wet and discolored like mold.  My bedroom set started detiorating with white dust everywhere... now that I discovered taking pictures with my phone you can see fibers everywhere.... also my car is infested with fibers... little white fibers that sting me!

Basically all my clothes have dethreaded themselves... my new furniture is ruining as well.  I also have glittery skin.  Lint plays a big part also.  Here is the difference: I have pictures of fungus... that has come out of me in the shower and yellow plugs as well.   I have pictures and specimen samples of what looks like a piece of grass or a stick that is actually some sort of insect that is all over my clothes and furniture and coats material with  a oily slick.  Here is the real unbelievable part..... I put those clothes in a clear plastic bag and make sure there is no air in it and video taped it with my phone .... Immediately the bag starts moving but there is nothing there..... then slowly with the flash on you can see shapes begin to form and the bag press down on the material and then the coating on the material while the bag is moving with outlines of ghost like creatures.....I have the pictures and the tapes to prove this.    

Is this Morgellons or Collembolla? I had a severe mold problem in my home just prior to this starting.... please help me... I don't know where to take my specimens and videos to....it just seems out of this world ,, I need to get help I CANNOT  see me living like this forever.... Also now the stings seem like little zaps of numbing electricity.... also the figures on the bags look like a hexapod type outline of an insect.   Any feedback would be appreciated.... I FEEL TRAPPED!  Thank you... Michelle
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I think you should scroll down to the post entitled:

invisible bugs (not morgellons) parasites or mites - dermo experts please help
By aaaaaaaarghBugs

Towards the bottom there are some very good posts that might help.

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Firstly, I understand your situation.  I have posted comment somewhat similar to your problem.  I failed to say that I have spent time with my dermatologist - so far no answer to this bug thing I am living with...that may be a road to try.  The other thought I have is for you to send your evidence to an entomologist.  
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Let me guess, they usually get  more aggressive during the evening and you constantly have a weird sprinkling sensation on top of your head and and around your knees, almost as if someone is sprinkling salt on your head,  only it isn't salt because salt doesn't crawl and dig? Welcome to the club. Don't be so quick to go out and buy every cream or ointment you can get your hands on, it's probably not gonna work. It just pisses these things off. That, and vacuuming. I'm tried everything. Everthing, except for fogging because I'm broke and I'm waiting for my next paycheck. Whooo Hooo f*ck my life!
One more thing, I've recently started a strict diet and trying my best to cut out all fat and sugar.  I'm also using Dr. Bronnars lavender body wash and cats claw tincture and I'm not sure if it's good or bad thing, but these things seemed to really kicked it into another gear these last few days. Sorry for the misspelling, got to hurry and beat the traffic.
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Omg I'm having this problem I am 4 weeks in and everyone is thinking in crazy or on drugs. I am neither. Please get in touch with me I have had nothing help I'm going crazy
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Shelly--what is the latest-I know your post is 3 yrs old--do you have picts and videos to share?
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I have same as you have you noticed paper towels/napkins or Kleenex if left out or when put down take shapes of anything? It sounds crazy but for a while here they would take the shape of middle eastern people and all ways one of the dam huge mites I'm infested with they look so if they have a beak there from hell . Someone on line said I had a jinn ( middle eastern ghost) but I think it something to do with the flood we had in home and wasn't cleaned 100%. I have just about every morgellons symptom . It all started with what I thought 6months ago was server  chapped hands especially both thumbs that wouldn't heal then I saw a small insect emerg from rt thumb. From there my lift has been a living hell to say the least it seems it never ends even with constant cleaning to whole nine yards elimite cream my pup of 12years also has it and that kills me my mom and her pup live here and there fine thank God but what did me an pup do wrong ? If I could get my old life back to this past summer man would my Outlook on life be so different I'm 58 yesrs old was in almost perfect health other then past back surgery weighed 180 6' med build  hair was good now I'm skinny 155,lbs thin blotchy hair I swear they are in the food I freaked showed mom she didn't see what I saw of course but I know what they the mites can do before I realized car was infested they would be in groceries before I got home I know it sound crazy but it's very true I wish I was crazy I could handle that much better then this hell and these things I find the mites have to be man made there not made in mother nature they are intelligent and there only goal is to make your life hell an breed . You would think they shown mine and my pups dna we live in gated Pato home subdivision we never had a flea or tick problem they just showed up one day and moved in. The neighbors around me have pets they don't have them no one I no does. And the dust smart dust look at it thru a microscope it's not what you see with your eyes I have thousands of pics and specimens I stopped unless it shocks me and that takes a lot now I mean a lot what do we all have in common that gave us this I talking about morgellons or whatever it is but mostly the same symptoms where we  intentionally infected are we being experimented on or unintentionally infected makes you wonder good luck to all you have to have a firm grip on reality to deal with this cuz there are days I want to lay down and give up but that's not me there is going to be more light at the end of the tunnel soon I pray for everyone.   Signed  I want mine And my pups life back and to know why us what did we do.              
Earth clinic ******* gave me my life back.... borax is a natural insecticide and kills mold.... a cup in the bath and soak every day with scalp too for four days. A pinch of borax in a litre of water sipped for four days. Wash everything with borax. You will get better fast but do borax again every time you get reinvested. I bathed my cat in borax and he got better too. Tub lined with black specks. Doctors are clueless but it’s real .... tried everything... only borax and Hulda Clark parasite zapper work. Blessings
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How are you doing now? Praying your better. Been dealing with this also. Potassium iodine works internally the best. Take lots of probiotics and eat no breads or grains. Windex and enzyme cleaners works in the home. Whatever you do don't use your hands without gloves to remove it from yr body. This is why it took so long for me to get well. It absorbs in your hands the worst. This is a hell to live thru.
Borax in the bath and laundry and a lunch of borax in bottle of drinking water for four days.... all laundry with borax... it’s a natural insecticide.... blessings and fast healing
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