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Could this be a parasitic worm?

Hello, I have peed out a small worm that is less than an inch. It was not moving and it was rather clear, but had a black line going through it. Who would you recommend I see? I went to a doctor, but she told me not to worry (she was not sure what it was), and I have a follow up appointment in a month. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do or who to see? I am very worried. I have had some abdominal pain, lack of appetite, and some itching in the rectum area, but no severe symptoms. I want to make sure a go to a doctor who knows how to treat me. Please help with advice.
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Hi, I wonder if you have pinworm? Do you have anal itching? Or where is the itching? Pinworm is in the anal area and when you peed then maybe it fell into the urine instead of coming from the urethra area. Pinworm is small whitish. It is usually seen first thing in the morning. You usually have a very itchy anal area. They can do a test using a pinworm paddle. It has a sticky side with tape on it. You place in in the anal area in the early morning and stick it there and press (ask the doctor for procedures) and then place the paddle in a clean container and wash your hands well. The laboratory can diagnose it easily. If you have it you and anyone that lives with you (including children) will have to take the treatment for a week (as I recall) and you have to wash all underwear that had been wearing during the time you had a problem, sheets, clothes etc. Wipe the toilet area and so forth. Ask the doctor for cleaning procdures. Then in about 7 days you repeat this because the eggs in side you will hatch and you have to kill those off. So I don't know if you have this or not but it is a possibility. You can also get a stool sample for ova and parasites to see if there is anything else that you might have. Have you travelled anywhere lately?  
Hello, thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am hoping that it could just be a pinworm. Yes I do have anal itching, but I also feel pressure in the abdominal/bladder area. What concerns me is that it had a black line/stripe going through it (I am not sure if that can also be considered a pin worm). And thank you! I will do that, I have also just purchased DE, I heard it helps as well. Do you know what doctor I can go to for this?
I have travelled to the Dominican Republic almost 2 years ago.
Hi, glad to help. Not sure what the line in the worm is. Or if it isn't just plant material? LOL. But since you have symptoms of pinworm I would get it checked. Also, since you had travel outside of the U.S. You should get the Ova and Parasite stool test. I would get 3 done on different days. Do you have diarrhea? That could account for the abdominal issues. You could see an infectious disease doctor. I don't know if they will take it seriously. I wouldn't say you peed it out rather you " noticed it' after you peed. You don't know if it came out with some stool or what but you can describe it and mention the abdominal issues. Also maybe see if you can get an ultrasound of the abdomen. You need someone to take you seriously.
Also, it may not be a worm since it had the line going through it. Usually it is just white and looks like a thread. That is why they call it tread worm sometimes. But since you have symptoms, and history of travel etc. It would be good to rule it out. The itch could just be from yeast or fungus etc. but the symptoms fit because of the abdominal issues. I would still maybe get the ultrasound or check out that as well. So cover your bases.
Hello, thank you so much for your help and your insight! It is very much appreciated. I went to the doctor and I got a lot of lab tests done (such as urine and blood), I am also in the process of turning in a stool sample. I will keep you updated in the hopes that someone else can gain from this. I will shoot to get an ultrasound if nothing comes up. The doctor gave me a prescription for albendazole in the case that it is a pin worm.
Becka52, That is great! Keep me posted. I hope they can help.
Sometimes when you have a bad parasitic infection the Complete blood count will show an increase in Eos or Eosinophils. So you can see if those are out of range. Eos can be high for other reasons but that is one of them.
Hello mkh9,
Thank you so much for your feedback. I will keep an eye out for that when I receive my results. I do suspect I have parasites, but I do not know what kind yet. Any suggestions on what natural remedies I can take to do a parasite cleanse after I take my prescription medicine? I will keep you updated. Thank you!
I don't think you need to do a cleanse as long as you have the right medicine. You could take probiotics after you are done though with the medication. Like I mentioned if you do have the pinworm then you have to take the medication again in a week. So we'll see.
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