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Dealing with CMV

Since june, I have been having low grade fever and sore throat during the days and was wondering about the cause..my cholesterol rose higher and vitamin D went too down meanwhile. No doctor was able to dignose the cause. Then i went through medhelp posts and came to know about
Cmv and mono,which can cause similar symptoms as me. I did Blood tests and came positive for CMV. Please if anyone have any experience dealing with cmv, share..any tips and suggestions would be grateful
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We are not doctors on these sites. But, I can give you some advice. Almost everyone has been exposed to CMV when they are a child as well as EBV. Usually this won't cause any symptoms when you are a adult because you already have antibodies to it. EBV, sometimes can reactivate like Herpes does. Then it can cause a variety of symptoms like fatigue and perhaps sore throat and/or other things. As for your sore throat and low grade fever. How high is your fever? If it is only 99 degrees, then it is usually not considered a fever because your body temperature goes up in the afternoon and evening and can vary.  How long have you had the sore throat and are your lymph nodes swollen? You can have a test done for EBV to see if you have a current infection. But it is probably a virus that is more like adenovirus or some other virus. Do you have any white spots that look like pus in your throat? If your fever is high and you have pus in the throat or even without the pus but a fever of 101 F or higher and a sore throat you should see a doctor to see if you have Strep throat.
Thanks, I did infectious mononucleosis test (EB virus) which came non- reactive . I think that's the same EBV virus you are mentioning.right ? It's been 3 months already for me to have sore throat. Fever is actually too low. No lymph nodes during these times..No pus or white spots. Doc initially guessed strep throat and gave 3 weeks antibiotics for it..
As then I realized that my symptoms relates to cmv and got tested.
Hi, its not likely to be CMV. Adults usually have immunity to this. It might be some other bacteria then strep or a virus. Maybe see an infectious disease doctor. It might pass on its own.
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Was your CMV test IGG and IGM, or just total? One will tell you if it was a past infection and the other if currently active. You didn’t specify.

EBV has the same tests. Then you’ll have a clear picture.

What we call “mono” is actually a set of symptoms caused by herpes family viruses like these, and others. Usually you get CMV as a child with minimal symptoms, and then EBV when older, which gives you “mono” which is possibly (according to what I’ve read) actually EBV deactivating CMV and causing the symptoms.

Either illness is more mild as a child, and has increasing complications with age if acquired later.
I did  CMV antibodies test whose results were
Cmv igG 45.9 u/ml
Cmv igM 10.2 u/ml
Then I did cmv avidity test for past infection
Cmv igG avidity (eia) 76.5%
I am sure I got infected by it(or any other virus) in april, so test in September would show high avidity for igG? High cholesterol and low vitamin D symptoms made me consider CMV and got tested though my doctor dignosed bacterial infection and i took 3-4 weeks antibiotics already
The Mono test i did states-This is a qualitative test for heterophile antibodies to Infectious Mononucleosis. Heterophilic antibodies are associated almost exclusively with Infectious Mononucleosis and EB Virus associated neoplasms. Though I will try to find EBV test here. I did STD tests too, none of which came positive
Now only sometimes i do get some mild sore throat and fever but i started feeling chest pains. I would go to my GP and see what she says..Sadly the doctors here i lost trust in...
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Hi , The mono spot test is not accurate. So you have to do the EBV test that has Early antigen, Nuclear antigen, and viral capsid antigen IgG and IgM.
Thank you, yes i will try to get this test..Shall i also go for throat culture?
It can't hurt to get a throat culture for Strep. You would usually have a high fever and possibly white pus spots in the throat. Low grade fever such as 99 is usually not much to worry about. People's temperature rises in the evening.  In my opinion, Cholesterol is mostly related to diet and genetics. So if some one in your family had high Cholesterol, and LDL you could have it too despite diet. But you can lower it by a whole plant based diet or at least eating less fried things and oil, plus bad fats.  It could possibly be related to your liver. You can have your liver enzymes checked just in case. As for vitamin D most people don't get enough sun unless you are out in it often. So you can ask the doctor what amount to take . I personally started with 1000 IU went up to 200o IU and had my blood drawn after about 6 months. It was better but now I am on 4000IU and that seems to be stable and at a good value (about 60).
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