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Disabling Anxiety about Rabies

3 weeks ago I was visiting the Canary Islands and did a stupid thing... I was feeding a stray (but very normal,  neighbourhood) cat a bit of tuna and as it took some from my hand, it’s tooth nicked my finger and made a tiny cut (think paper cut, couple drops of blood). I washed it out, put polysporin on and a bandaid, then immediately though - RABIES.

A quick google search revealed that the Canary Islands are rabies-free and considered “no risk” by the CDC, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it...

The next day I phoned a local English speaking doctor and she confirmed that the Canaries are “no risk”, and I only needed to be concerned about tetanus (for which I’ve had my booster) and any other localized infections. She said that if the cut developed any signs of infection to come and see a doctor.

The cut healed perfectly.

Since then, I haven’t been able to shake the fear that SOMEHOW, this cat, on this rabies-free island, could have somehow contracted rabies from a foreign animal or bat or who knows what, leaving me a ticking time bomb.

I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, and this is really making my mind run wild, I’m still travelling and cannot stop thinking about it - for 2 weeks now I’ve been feeling dizzy and mildly hyperventilating every time I remember what happened.. I feel so dumb to have interacted with an animal I don’t know. My hands have been sort of tingling (more like a really strong pulse sensation) and my upper arms are stiff (also pulsing) - I keep convincing myself this is the onset of rabies..

Can anyone offer advice/comfort? Should I seek out another doctor and see about getting rabies PET vaccine? Or Is it ok to really move on from this momentary lapse in judgement and trust that I have not been exposed to rabies?

Please help!
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Hi, have you received any vaccine since you posted. I didn't see this post for some reason. If not since you are stressed about it just get the vaccine. You can't know if the cat was exposed to the bite of a wild animal.
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