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Do I have any risk of catching rabies?

Recently I was reading some articles about rabies and thought of a small incident. I live in California. About three weeks ago, one evening, as I walked out of the gate of the complex I live in, I felt the gate knob was wet. It was dark and I didn’t check what the liquid was. Then I got into a taxi. A few minutes later I scratched my neck and might have broken some small scabs on it (there were some itchy rashes on that area of skin, I scratched it a lot and it bled a little bit thus the small scabs). Now although I know I'm being paranoid but still keep worrying about the possibility that the liquid could have rabies virus (for example, it could contain saliva of a rabid animal). So in this scenario, I touched some unknown liquid and then touched some small cut on my skin, do I have any risk of catching rabies?
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Sorry I just saw this post wasn't answered. No you don't have any exposure to rabies. At least there is no reason to think so. I always wash my hands or a wound if it comes in contact with a door knob or place outside the house. Because really anyone could have something on their hands. But by now if you haven't gotten an infection (bacterial for example) in it you would fine.

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