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Does anyone know whats wrong with me!!!?

Hi everyone...can someone please help...cant get answers from my docs

Im 28 yr old hetero male 5'10" 175 lbs history of symp...timeline and symptoms scared about HIV tested antibody neg 14 times out to 3 years post any exposure

02/06 - unprot 1 nt stand w girl 2 wks later fever, chills, headache, etc 4 days
12/06 - strep like illness - weak pos rapid treated w antib - didnt finish them completely/symp gone in week
10/06 - unprot sex w coworker & protect w new girl
01/07 - Vegas make out w stripper for 2-3 min
01/07 - makeout w girl at bar - protected sex 2 min
02/07 - 18 days later - illness high fever (up to 104 5 days), chills headache sore muscles/joints swollen/painful nodes in neck white stuff on tonsils back of throat, vomit, diarreah - no flu/strep, neg monospot - given levaquin cbc from ER shows high neutro, high monos low lymphs symp gone 2 days after levaq- postviral tingling, numb legs, burn feelings, etc in extrem...gone 2 weeks - no diag of illness - 3 mts later ID doc - pos EBV igg neg igm, pos mycoplasma igg neg igm - doc says possible mycop illness, neg cmv, lyme, west nile
08/07 - similar illness as last fever, etc no ER or antibiotics - sympt gone 5 days
04/08 - diagn w molluscum stomach, genital area - treated/gone
12/08 - diagn w sleep apnea
01/09 - get tonsils, adenoids, uvula out & trim soft palate - sleep better & no sick since  
06/10 - tingling, burning,etc in extremeties - doc says neuropathy - no diabetes, b12 good, cbc normal
08/10 - neg HIV 1/O/2 labcorp, negative rapid test from clinic
08/10 - EMG done - says peripheral nerves are fine and actually better then average person no neuropathy
09/10 - MRI spine and brain - waiting for results
Current - last 6 months - always tired even after sleep, ankle joints hurt, sometimes sore muscles, tingling, burning, numb - worse at night, bad headaches come and go, sometime feel nauseous, etc - always tired, sore and stiff muscles when i sleep and wake up...i feel like I'm 65 years old!!!

Whats wrong with me? CFS? Random virus in 02/07?

Please help!!!
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Left you a note.
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if MRIs come back clean, I'd get a Lumbar Puncture.

are you only having physical problems? no cognitive issues?

could be a virus from the Herpes family, other than HSV.
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Well I might know what's going on. I don't think you got a virus but instead I think you been toxicated with levaquin antibiotics. It's a a drug that could cuase the side effects you describe. My advice is for you to begin eating healthy especially foods that treat the nervous system. Drink plenty of water. Begin doing soft yoga movements. Meditate, get fresh air as well.
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