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Does this blood work raise concern?

I have had strep twice, bronchitis, and ear infections since the beginning of December and just last week found out I had bronchopneumonia. When I had my strep infection my white blood cell count was 6000 and that was in the beginning of January and last week found out it was 12000. The normal count is 4000-11000. My Seg Neut Absolute was 9.2 and the normal is 1.8-8.0, and in January it was 3.8 also my neutrophils were at 76.9%. I have had some trouble with my GP in the past and she is the one I went and saw in January for this infection. This time I am back at college and saw someone else at a walk in clinic, however I know because I'm sick it is not abnormal to have high counts in things. I also have still had a temperature of about 98.3-99.9 for the last few days and usually my temperature is a bit lower at 96. Just wondering if I should see a regular doctor here or if it's just because of all the infections that these things are high?
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Hi and thanks for your question. Sorry you have been ill lately. There are a lot of infections going around this year. No it is not abnormal to have a high white blood cell count when you are fighting an infection. It is a good thing. It takes some time for the immune system to become "deactivated". Also, a persons temperature goes up normally in the evening. I don't know if yours does but having a low grade fever may be caused the secondary infection you had or still have. The body's immune system triggers a fever when you are fighting something to kill of the foreign substance like a virus or bacteria. So I wouldn't worry about it unless it goes up. So I hope you get better soon. Did they put you on antibiotics? If you start to feel a lot worse or the fever goes up then I would see a doctor otherwise I think you are just fighting it off.
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