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Does this sound familiar?

I'm a 26 y/O male. For about 2 months I have experienced an array of symptoms that seem like some sort of infection but have had no results from doctors so far.

I am experiencing headaches, sore throat, fatigue, random pain throughout body that happens randomly and sometimes lingers and sometimes goes quickly. The pain usually centers around spots that have lymph nodes but sometimes feels like nerve pain. Pain usually in hands, feet, shins, joints, fore arms, arm pits and abdomen.

At  around week six of these symptoms I've started to develop pimple like growths and what look like infected hair follicles. Most all the pimple like ones can be popped and it looks like puss that comes out but sometimes it's more of a hard ball of puss. They appear mainly on my back chest and shoulders but have been on leg and arm as well. The hair follicle spots seem to appear anywhere from legs, wrist, scalp ect. Neither really seem to form a rash as they appear in random location usually by themselves. Sometimes a couple may be close to each other.

This all started after an oral sex encounter but all stds and HIV have been ruled out by several tests. Doc also did 3 blood tests including CBC and kidney and liver function, not sure what tests exactly but everything was normal.

My original doc thought maybe a UTI or kidney stones. So I was put on 10 days of CIPRO.

Does this sound like something you've heard before? Does a skin bout like this sound familiar, like some sort of folliculitis or candida or something? Symptoms of pain are usually worse at night and sometimes when I wake up in the morning my arms feel weak and shaky.  Most recent symptom is warm sensations that come and go quickly. They happen randomly and in random parts of the body.

Thank you
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Everything you described is exactly what I have been suffering from since April. Beg your doctor to check you for a parasitic infection. Just trust me. If you are  infected, those bastards can mimic all sorts of other health problems and you will be misdiagnosed to the point of no return. Do you have photos of the pimples. If it is a parasite, it is going to get much worse before it gets better. Also, if you are immunocompromised, then you need to step it up a bit. Good luck.
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Hi and sorry you are having this problem. Have you been in a hot tub or Jacuzzi before this happened? Do the pimples itch? It could be a type of folliculitis.  Or maybe just acne. But it sounds like folliculitis. Sometimes you can get Staph that are resistant to Cipro or other bacteria like pseudomonas if you went in a hot tub that is resistant to Cipro also. There is also a yeast but it causes a red itchy pustules. As for the other symptoms It could be chronic Epstein Barr or perhaps you are just fatigued from fighting an infection. Did the CBC have a high white blood cell count? Have you been having a fever? Do you have any pus in the throat or white spots? Have you seen your doctor for this yet? It can be two different things the pimples/folliculitis can be one thing and the bone aches etc. another. It could be auto immune or something like that separate from the other things. I would see your doctor for further testing.
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I was in a hot tub but it was after the encounter. I had the follicle issue before the hot tub but has gotten worse since. I was given CIPRO weeks before the skin issue started so it would have had no affect.

They are occasionally itchy but it's seldom, usually I notice them because they itch then it doesn't really itch. When I pop the pimple like ones, they look like they are healing but remain red.

I have had no fever, and my doctor didn't mention a high white cell count. Called and told me everything looked completely normal. I can't see and pus or white spots in throat but it has felt scratchy/sore the whole time. Not all the time but very frequently. Especially in the morning.

My main symptoms now are the throat, muscle twitch sometimes, and warm sensations on various areas that come and go quickly but sometimes happen for a while. And occasional head ache. And the skin. Not really any fatigue anymore

I drank alcohol for the first time in a while last night and I feel the symptoms are worse today if that means anything.

I don't have insurance at the moment so the doc is expensive but I will try.

Also, I did the candida spit test and it worked out just like the test said it would if one had candida.

Do u know the validity of this test? And does any of this info help with narrowing anything down in your eyes?

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I also meant to say with the symptoms currently, also still the joint and abdominal aching/pain
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Well, it is possible that you had the folliculitis or maybe even pimples before the Cipro, but after going in the hot tube you may have acquired an infection with pseudomonas and got a worse infection. Pseudomonas is resistant to cipro and grows in hot tubs. I don't think you should pop these pimple or pustules as you could just be spreading them around more. They probably should culture the pustles or pimples to see what is growing there. That way they could give you the right antibiotic.

As for the sore throat, not sure which came first but you probably should get a throat culture. It may be viral but it is lasting a long time. I wonder if you immune system is low?

Make sure you keep hydrated. You may be getting low in potassium and this could be causing the muscle twitches and headaches. That may be why the alcohol you had made it worse because it makes you get more dehydrated.

I don't think that Candida test was very accurate. If you don't see bleeding on the tongue scrape you probably don't have it.

I'm not sure what is causing your joint and abdominal aching/pain unless it is the infection that has spread. Hopefully not. You may not even for sure have folliculitis  But if you never had anything like this before and it just came up it sound like it without seeing it. It could be lymph nodes but that is a lot of lymph nodes to be swollen by your description. I don't think so.

Where does it hurt in the abdomen? Is the the lower right? The rest is hard to say without further testing. Have you been checked for diabetes? The other thing would be arthritis. But you are young and a man so it is less likely to come on like that. Have you been bitten by a tick?

Hope this helps some.

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Another thing I was thinking is low vitamin D can make your bones etc. ache. You should be tested for this too. Most people are low. Maybe you can get assistance with paying for some of this testing.
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Wanted to say thank you very much for taking time to try and help me. It is greatly appreciated.

I can't confirm or deny my nodes are swollen. I don't think they are, but I have felt specific pain in the node under jaw bone on left side. It was tender to touch. But only a couple times and had similar pain in my arm pit area and upper-inside arm, so I assume they were tender nodes as well.

None of my symptoms are constant. For example, 15 min ago my right knee was aching pretty good and now nothing. The most constant is the sore throat. But it's not even really sore, just a noticeable (something). I'll do my best to get it cultured.

The thing that is bothering me the most is the warm sensations. It's hard to describe but I'll try. It can happen really anywhere but primarily my hands, feet, shins, forehead and arms. It feels like a group of little droplets hitting my skin with a sting and they usually sting for maybe 5 to 20 seconds, occasionally longer. But there is nothing there. So lost?? With this I also have spots that are just tender to touch, odd places. One on inside of right knee just below the knee, forearm and right in the top of my head toward the back. Any pressure is just tender.

I'll do my best to not pop these postulates anymore or scratch the ones on my scalp. Some don't even form a poppable head.

I hope it's not a low immune system. I started taking probiotics about a week ago and just got some vitamin c hoping it would help. I also eat bananas every morning and am outside a lot so I hope no deficiencies either.

The abdomen pain,when it occurs is centralized right on the belly button. Sometimes feels slightly to the lower right and sometimes lower left.

I know I'm leaving long messages but I promise I delete what I feel can go. Again can't thank you enough for your time. I'm just hoping something I say will spark an idea I haven't come across yet.

Thank you again
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The description you say about the droplets hitting your shin and then stings for 20 seconds sounds like nerve pain. I can't say why though. If you don't feel swollen lymph nodes it is more of an ache I don't think it is anything to worry about in the way of it being lymph node related. I was asking about the abdominal pain because I wondering if you had problems with the appendix but it doesn't sound like it. It is good you are taking probiotics for a few months after the cipro. I wouldn't take them forever though. After a couple of months if you eat milk products you can have a yogurt with live bacteria or something like that but not the heavy duty probiotics forever. You can over do it with those too. Don't worry about the long messages. I don't know if you have fibromyalgia because that is more on the soft tissue than the boney areas. It sounds like you are keeping your diet healthy. Try to eat well and exercise. If you have any more questions or thoughts let me know.
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I know this probably doesn't help much, but a friend of mine that was present the night of the sexual encounter I described above is having nearly all the same symptoms as me.

He is 34.

I was talking to him today because he has been going to the doctor a lot because he was having dizzy spells and what he suspected was vertigo. He has had this before. The docs told him his high blood pressure and a sinus infection were causing his ear discomfort and dizziness that has kept him from driving and other normal activity. He says that when he wakes up sometimes he feels really dizzy/fatigue and it also can happen throughout the day.

He did not have sex with the girl but did kiss her for a bit earlier that evening. I received brief oral sex from her but never had any kissing or any other contact. Odd situation, because I did not want any contact with her and was briefly taken advantage of while I was drunk, hence why it was brief. Maybe not all important, just trying to set up the story.

His doctor is telling him that he is suffering from high altitude that his body can't handle causing it extensive stress but I don't think he has mentioned the encounter I have mentioned, because he didn't have sex.

We are in different states now so I mentioned I had not been feeling well either and asked him if he had been having any other symptoms besides the vertigo like symptoms.

It seems we both have muscle twitches periodically, similar muscle/node pain and occasional tingling/numbness, headaches and a pimple like rash that started around neck but appears random places.

He also said the medication his doctor gave him didn't help his symptoms and seemed to make it worse. This leads me to believe his high altitude theory is wrong.

It is just so strange because he has had extensive blood work, ct scan, MRI and other tests and everything is appearing normal.

I have had multiple std tests and 3 separate HIV tests including RNA. Also blood work and everything is either negative or normal. Two docs told me it was probably anxiety causing my symptoms and I knew it wasn't. Now with my friends testimony I'm convinced something is going on.

I don't really get fatigue, dizzy spells or severe ear pain but other than that our symptoms seem to be pretty well in sync. Also I don't have high blood pressure. He said he received a steroid shot and he felt better and the rash cleared but after a week or so it all returned.

Does this help narrow any ideas or just cause confusion. It seems it has to be related but we did both also move from somewhere of low altitude to areas of high altitude, I just don't think that can be it.

Thanks again. And again.
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Do the pimples crust over after they pop or do they get dark after? So, regarding what you said. Did you all get in the same hot tub? Have you tried putting antibiotic ointment on these pimples/pustules? You may try starting to do that and see if you start clearing them up. You can try OTC triple antibiotic ointment. Wash all towels, wash rags, pillow cases and sheets and repeat after they start going away. Just put a little ointment on each one in some places and check to see if it works. I wouldn't put it all over your body to start with. Just to do a test to see. The connection may be just that the person you both had contact with either had a Staph,  infection and spread it to you both or another bacterial or fungal infection. Also, if you got into the same hot tub that would do it too. It doesn't sound STD related. Have you been tested for Syphilis? That's the only one that has a rash but usually on the hands and feet. And It and GC can cause joint problems but if untreated. If you were tested for these I wouldn't worry about it. It sounds more like a contact type of infection.
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We were not in a hot tub that evening. So it must be a contact infection unless it is coincidence and completely unrelated. Just seems too big a coincidence to me at the moment.

My syphilis test was negative at 7 weeks post this incident.

Some appear to crust a little bit and some seem to heal but the skin remains red around where it was. Some that I have popped make a new poppable head.

What is GC?
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Ok, yes it still sounds like folliculitis. Yes it could be a contact thing you both got or unrelated. GC is gonorrhea. I'm sure you were tested for this. Using the topical rather than oral meds is more common for this type of infection. I would give it a try on some of them for a week and see if they go away. If they do try another batch. If it is fungal you would need an antifungal. You could go to a dermatologist. See if they can help too. They also have photodynamic therapy and laser therapy if the antibiotics or other treatments don't work.

If you clear this up and still have the nerve-like  issues you may want to see a neurologist. Just a thought or another doctor about the other symptoms.
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could the pimples be molloscom
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did you check to see if trhe stomach pain is gerd?
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The difference between molluscum and  folliculitis is that with follicultis follows the hair follicles and have pus while molluscum doesn't generally have pus and doesn't follow the hair follicles. Have you tried putting Neosporin or triple antibiotic on some of them yet? You mentioned they do follow the hair follicles before. Is this correct?
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thanx mkh9 you are very knowledgable .i have many of the same symptoms here is a list.1 gerd 2 high blood pressure 3 dermoreactive skin 4 rashes all over body including face and head 5soft stool 6fatigue confusion 8numb handsandfeet 9 insomnia 10 objective tinnitus ears popping when jaw moves 11 sore throat{ possible chancre} i reach into my mouth with my pinky and press on the spot where the lesion likie skin is and it seems to somehow bew connected to my ear .when i press onit it seems to make the pressure in my ear better and tinnitus stops in that ear momentarily .i believe i had thrush and candida i bought a quart of kefir milk and you would not believe the outcome .pardon the pun but i had what seemed like a small bowel movement .when i got up thebowl was completely full to the rim .i was very freaked out .it looked very airrated but had never seen this before in my lifetime .guessing that kefir milk killed candida.but still in the same boat as you i had no vaginal sex received oral for 10 seconds and a surprise kiss .i do not live in a plkace of high elevation.ive been reading epstein barr virus and some seem to think these symptoms could be caused by this not sure but it would be nice to rule it out or accidently find the root cause.good luck symptoms.
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Hi, and sorry you have this problem. Do you think you could have been bitten by a tick? what does your rash look like? How long have you had it. Any fever?
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I am dealing with all of these issues and have been tested for everything I can think of someone needs to figure this out lol
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Do you mind reposing as your own post. It is getting confusing to me with so many different symptoms to follow? Just go back up to top and start your own post. Give me details on your specific symptoms ok?
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For the most part they seem to appear at the base of hairs. I tried putting neosporin on a couple of them but I don't have evidence one way or another that it helped. This is because some appear and disappear, while others after the pus head is gone seem to heal but stay red. I have also been using an anti-microbacterial soap during showers. Been doing this for at least a couple weeks and no difference.

I felt like symptoms were really starting to let up. The warm droplet feelings have become much less, although occasional. I was and am feeling better in general but still not my normal self. I have been sure to get excersize
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Accidentally hit post button.

I have been sure to get exercise by walking around town for at least an hour every night. Yesterday I actually worked out with weights for the first time. I couldnt lift what I used to but I expected that because I haven't worked out in 2 months and have lost 15 lbs during this ordeal (I have begun having a normal appetite again and putting weight back on too). But after lifting weights I have been having muscle twitches quite a bit today, a little concerning but at least it's not constant.

I know there is something going on because I still get occasional node pain. Lately it has been mainly in the ones under the jaw bone. Feels fine now and a couple days before that I was having the random abdominal pain frequently. Upper left, upper right, and lower on both sides as well. Not all together, just random with varying durations. But that is practically gone as of now. Other symptoms include occassional ear pain and headache type pain but come and go very quickly.

I have a doctors appointment (finally) set for Monday. I will ask about parasite possibility (although my skin doesn't really look like the pics provided by giomeba). I'm open to any suggestion. And thanks for the comments jackojohnson, I'll keep you updated on what my doc says. (I don't know about gerd.) And you please do the same.

I know this is turning into a cluster of 'what in the world is going on with this guy' but I appreciate all your input and time you provide. If anything I've added helps or if you have further suggestions for me to ask my doctors please let me know.

Thank you
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Thats ok. You don't have to repost. I just thought it would be easier. Do you have the pimples on the follicles too? Do they have pus? Do they follow the hair follicles or are random bumps? And, are bumps under the skin? Do you have a picture you could post? Do you have pain in certain places? Are you lymph nodes swollen? Any fever? Any eye pain. Anything different that this persons symptoms?
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sorry for the late response

My symptoms are:
-weight loss (19 pounds in 6 weeks)
- Itchy and tingling acne that shows up as white heads or just as red bumps and when it leaves there are red scars where they were
-frequent urination
-white tongue once in a while
-tingling- originally started around left eye then spread to my entire body then disappeared and now only shows it self when i break out with acne on my face
-Red eyes with mucus in the mornings- eyes are slightly irritated most of the days
-swollen lymph nodes- groin and throat
-mouth ulcers
-night sweats from time to time
-pain in tip of penis on and off
-mild pain when ejaculating
-I had severly itchy testicles that were dry for about 2 weeks straight and now it just comes and goes
-red raised spots on penis shaft ,no ulcers or pain looks kind of like skin irritation
-I also had one day where my body was unbelievably sensitive to hot and cold it was only one day but enough to scare me.
-Pain below abdomin (abdomen) and above genitals
-pain running down calves and thighs and sometimes in arms
-Nose infection that only lasted a few days with a crusty scab in nose
-multiple rashes

Ive been tested for everything I can think of 3 months after exposure

stds hsv1/2 hiv
routine blood work (wbc b12 iron ferritin ect.)
I got checked for retiers
Ive been swabbed as well

the only things left to be checked for that i think might be relevant is lyme, lupus or behcets

im lost at this point

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Well, I looked up constant or frequent urination and it said:
1. diabetes
2.enlarged prostate
3. Interstitial cystitis
4. drinking too much water (more than 8  glasses of water or a mix of 8 glasses of water or tea /coffee etc) a day.
5. Diuretic use.
6. Urinary tract infection (Don't know if you already checked this)

I also had another man on here (previous post) that had frequent urination. They did a urethral swab on him and cultured it and found Streptococcus pyogenes a bad bacteria that causes strep throat and other problems. If  you haven't had this done you may want to.

Do the sores or pimples on the penis look like psoriasis:


If you get checked for lyme you should go to ILADS.org and see a "lyme literate MD" because a lot doctors won't believe you have lyme if you don't have the characteristic lyme rash and also won't send your lab work to the what I think is the most sensitive lab for pickup up Lyme called IgeneX. So I would look for a LLMD in your area if you plan on getting tested for Lyme's disease.

Where were you stabbed? Could this be in an area that would cause adhesions in the abdmonial area where you feel pain?

Do the itcy red acne follow your pores? If so you should see your doctor to see if they are folliculitis. If not it could be a staphyloccus or something else. Do they feel like they are on top of the skin or under the skin? See link for a good photo of folliculitis:


Have you had your blood tested to check your blood sugar for diabetes, kidney and liver function?

mouth ulcers are common and viral in natural and often genetic. A lot of people have them. Try gargling with warm salt water. 1 teaspoon in a cup of water. Also, you may have dry eye. Use artificial tears to see if that helps.

As for the night sweats do you have a fever? Have you been tested for TB?

let me know what you think about all this and how you are doing.

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