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Epstein Barr Virus


I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me. I’ve been to endless amount of doctors and still don’t know what’s wrong and growing more and more depressed each day. I have had the following symptoms for since August and then prior to that on and off for almost two years. Brain fog, dizziness,headaches, muscle aches, sore throat and fatigue along with depression. I am also going through menopause starting to skip periods. At first Inthought maybe it was a hormone imbalance and played around with natural supplements to balance my hormones with no success. I also have tested positive for Epstein Barr in the past. The more I read about Epstein Barr symptoms the more it feels like what I have. I could have one good day and the next is horrible as if maybe I did to much.
Is anyone battling these symptoms or getting better and can share what helped them.
How do you know it’s not Lyme when the tests are not so reliable. I was tested for that a while ago the immuno blot and was reactive to 2 bands. My result was negative because you have to be reactive to at release 5 the tests results say.
I am so desperate to get back to my old self and pray everyday will be different.

Please help.

Thank you
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Hi and sorry you are ill. I would ask your doctor if they would send your blood to:
They test for many different types of lyme and co-infections. It is much more accurate. The problem is you may have to pay for it if your insurance doesn't. But I think it is worth it.
You can get chronic Epstein Barr . Have you had the EBV testing that has early antigen, EBNA, etc. and the various types of antibodies , and antigens? It is much better than just an ELISA test. It can tell if you are new, recurring etc.
Feel better,
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