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Fear of rabies

I live in suburban NY. I was at the town pool lying on a blanket in the grass. The next day after taking shower I noticed to little dots or marks on my right big toe. I remembered at the pool I was applying sun tan lotion and also observing my nails. Holding my big toe with my left hand and thumb. My fear is did I just scratch myself in to marks or was I bitten by a bat in the grass. I went back to the pool and nobody has seen any bat and neither did I. I checked my house and have not noticed any bats inside anywhere including the attic.

Am I just being paranoid, a hypochondriac or should I be worried? Three plus days and marks still there.
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I don't see how you could have gotten bitten if there was no bat or animals around.  Rabies is pretty rare in the U.S. also. You can ask a doctors opinion. But it is not likely.
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