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Fever Limits?

I have a bunch of questions about fevers:

1) What is the highest fever someone can have before suffering severe brain damage?

2) Is a fever of 105 degrees life-threatening?

3) When should somebody seek medical help for a fever?

4) Has anybody survived a fever of 109 degrees?
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1. From what I've read, 107 is when brain damage begins.

2. No, but it should be checked out because it could be a serious infection (such as pneumonia).  Make sure if you have a fever of 105 you are doing things to try and bring it down such as a cool cloth and alternating Tylenol and Advil.  If the fever does not reduce you need to see the doctor.

3. Typically 104 and higher or for any fever that lasts more than 3 days, especially if it is higher.

4. It's not likely.  Starting at 105.8 your proteins and enzymes begin to denature, making them useless.  The body needs these proteins and enzymes to survive.  If a person were to survive, I'd imagine the fever would have to be very short-lived.   It is unlikely that the body would elevate a temperature over 105 or so, except in the case of heat stroke and fire, things of that nature.
In hospital I had a temp of over 111 ( was in intensive care) so YES you can survive it...as far as I know my brain is fine! (my friends might disagree) p.s it was freezing as they kept fans on me all night and I was begging for a blanket LOL
Sounds like you were suffering from heat stroke, an l correct?
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Thanks! This was very helpful. :D
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I can only answer 1 and 4 for u...

1. a fever of 108 is when brain damage can commence.

4. I can say yes... I know of one person that has survived a fever of 109..... ME. This is from personal experience. I was sick for a couple of weeks. Day 1 I had a fever the lasted almost all day. Not sure how high it was because I had know thermometer. Day 2 and 3 I had no fever and just remained sick in bed. Day 4 the fever came back really strong and along with it came an excruciating pain in my middle back on the left side. There was only one position I could lay in. I would prop all the pillows and would have to have my left side elevated about 6 inches off the bed so I was slightly twisted. It was the only position I felt no pain if I moved my left side higher or lower just it would hurt really bad. And there was absolutely not other position I could lay, not on my stomach face down or on my right side which is how I normally like ti sleep, because everything I tried the pain was extreme. I thought and hoped the pain would soon go away but both the fever and the pain continued for the following three days. I didn't get very much sleep because I would doze off and as I would fall asleep my body would move and the pain was there as intense as always and it would wake me up. I couldn't take it anymore and so by the end if The third day with the fever and pain I took off to the emergency room. Luckily for me it was not so busy and were able to see me promptly. They asked mebwhat was wrong and took my vitals. When they took my temperature id was 109.3 and they ran some tests too some x-rays and after a couple of hours of being in the ER and getting the x-rays results, it turned out that I had a bacterial pneumonia. They gave me some antibiotics and pain medication along with a prescription for more antibiotics and tylenol #3 and sent me home. I had never taken tylenol with codeine before and after taking it I went to lay down, I had been in bed not even two minutes when, I don't know with what energy or speed I took off running to the bathroom and the end of the hall from my bedroom and was throwing up. After that my body was able to tolerate the medication. They never gave me or did anything at the hospital to help lower the fever but eventually it did start to go down after the I had been home a day. It took about a week almost to fully recover. Now as far as brain damage, I do not know if it did any to mine since damage beings with a fever of 108. There were no tests done aside from bloodwork and the x-rays. They just kept me in one of the patient rooms for about a couple hours and sent me home after taking the meds  they gave me there and the prescription.  So... I guess you can say that yes.... There is at least one person that has survived a fever of 109. It was actually 109.3 to be exact.
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I Had a fever of 109.8 and because of the fever that high my right kidney stoped growing and I was 6 years old.
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i survived 109 degrees and im fine
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i survived 109 degrees and im fine
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