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For infectious mononucleosis (mono), what were the symptoms and signs you experie...

...nced? - What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Infectious Mononucleosis?The most common symptoms of mononucleosis are fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue. Symptoms usually develop between four to six weeks after exposure to the EBV. Other signs and symptoms of mononucleosis may include the following:headache,rash,malaise,loss of appetite,jaundice,tonsillitis (a white film may cover the tonsils),body aches,enlarged spleen and/or liver,abdominal pain, anddifficulty breathing.In younger children, the symptoms may be more subtle and may additionally include irritability and poor feeding.
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Two weeks ago I was admitted into the hospital with severe chills, high temperature and weakness.  They diagnosed me with acute mononucleosis, c. diff, MRSA and a urinary tract infection.  I was very sick and had no appetite.  I stayed in the hospital for 5 days with antibiotics and fluids dripping into my veins.  I have been home now for a week and now have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and head, plus my throat is swelling shut.  I can barely swallow water and pills.  I'm afraid I will choke on my food so am I am not eating.
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Just before Christmas I went to the doctor and found out that I have mono. I had gone to 4 doctors and all said I was depressed, etc. Finally had a mono spot done and bam! Mono. My doctor did not really tell me anything other than her nurse calling with the results. I still feel horrible very tired, headaches, and now I am getting horrible pains just beneath my rib cage. I am a 58 yr old grandmother who got Mono. No clue on how - that's what bothers me. But I guess I will have to pursue this on my own because the doctor did not give me any information.
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I was so tired, rather exhausted that I could not get out of bed.  I really thought my fibromyalgia was flaring up.  I slept all day and night and still felt just as exhausted the next day.  The doctor did a monospot test and it was positive.  I also had an ultrasound which showed my spleen was somewhat enlarged.  I am to be out of work for about a month.  It takes all of my energy to get up and shower. I am trying to "hang in there" but this sickness is kicking my butt"! I think this is a relapse from when I was sick in December.  The doctor thought it was the flu even though it didn't show up as the flu. I felt just like this.  I got really stressed and overtired in January and I think it just jumped back on me but worse this time!
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I am writing this to offer encouragement to anyone suffering from mono for longer than normal. I am a 52-year-old male. I came down with a sore throat and fever about 2 years ago. At first I had a great deal of fatigue but it slowly improved over the course of the year. During that time I did not rest or take care of myself. Just when I thought it was over (1 year later) WHAM! My lymph nodes got painful, malaise, fatigue, head and ear pain with tinnitus, and an overall "swollen" head feeling hit me hard. I went back to my doctor and checked positive for EBV & CMV. Apparently, I had one or both for some time and just ran myself down, not allowing my body time and rest to heal. My primary care physician also consulted with a hematologist to corroborate his diagnosis.  I am slowly recovering as I have dug a huge hole for myself. Mono can affect you for much longer than the "textbooks" say depending on a lot of variables. My symptoms are slowly improving; they are changing like the hands of a clock, but getting a little better every week. If this describes you, don't lose your faith. Do what your doctor tells you. You WILL get better. It takes rest, low stress, plenty of fluids and most of all, time and patience.
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I'm a female, and was 39 when I got mono. It was diagnosed with mono after-the-fact, and it's the sickest I've ever been. I didn't have the severely sore throat, but had a swollen throat, airway and vocal cords with a crazy amount of sinus drainage. It felt as if I couldn't swallow due to an obstruction, and I would stop breathing at night.  I couldn't eat, resorting only to liquids for a couple of months.  The sinus drainage was choking at times.  I was treated for sinus infections and asthmatic reactions several times during this period, and tested for allergies (I showed positive to all but 2 allergans - later determined this was because of the undiagnosed mono - today I have few allergies).  Each doctor kept treating the symptoms they were familiar with, with long-term oral and inhaled steroids, antibiotics, and rest. I had several of them tell me "it's only stress, and you're imagining the symptoms."  In total, I was down for over 3 months, and could barely leave the house.  I had to wear a surgical mask when I walked outside because the allergens would cause breathing problems. It took several months for the lymph nodes around my throat to go down. I was not tested for EBV at all during that period, but I had been tested a year earlier in late 2006 -- EBV was negative at that time.  In 2009 my tests show I've been positive for EBV, so I assume it was during the period I describe above. Two years later my immune system hasn't recovered, and I'm starting weekly gamma globulin infusions to help.
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Hi, I'm Jessica. I was diagnosed with the disease mono about 4 months ago. It all started with really swollen neck glands, and the pain in my throat would not go away. It was so bad, I was crying. And the next morning I went to the ER. The doctor did not know what was wrong with me, so he took 3 tubes of blood for testing. Four days later, I found out I had mono, and strep throat. I still have very bad pain, all over my stomach. It's so bad that I had to go for an ultrasound, but it turns out my spleen is swollen, so I can't do any sports for three months.
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