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Groin problem

I was travelling for a month and was having problem in my groin area. My scortum was too sweaty and itchy all the time. Further, on itching , powder like flakes will fall from my scortum and later whole scortum will burn for hours. Cleaning it with cold water and putting some oil  would help for few hours only. I couldn't do cleaning every two hours because I was travelling. Coming back home , I read online about ii and symptoms look similar to eczema. Considering that I applied cortizone 10 (1% hydro),  and looks like situation has worsen in one day only. For the last two days my scortum is extreemely sensitive and I had been rubbing it with my finger tips contineously for last 40 hours or so (absolutely contineously without any break). I have not sleeped for last 48 hours. It feels like something pinching or needing (ticklish) on different parts of scortum. Also just this afternoon I found one bump on base of my penis and its hurting pretty badly like a muscle pain (it is the spot where itching used to be the most).

I can't see a doctor until monday until then Please Please help me as I am in terreble pain.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.
Itching in the scrotum can be due to many conditions like allergic reaction, tight undergarments, eczema, skin friction, bacterial infection, fungal infections, pubic lice and scabies. What are the other symptoms you have been having? Moisture, irritation, and bacterial overgrowth can result in fungal growth in the groins which can also spread to the scrotum and cause itching. Wear cotton undergarments. Maintain good hygiene. You may try using over the counter antifungal cream Clotrimazole for local application. The small bump could possibly be a boil or follculitis. See a doctor and discuss your concerns. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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Hello Dr. Arti,
                   The bump turned out to be abscess , that happened because of over itching, that might have induced bacteria (as the doctor said). He gave me  an anti-biotic,  and now bump is gone. I have shown my groin itching problem to two different doctors and didn't got solution, because doctor never find any kind of rashes, redness or bump in that area. My groin looks normal until I start itching; and then it gets dry like dry skin in any other part of body. While itching I see lot of black powder like shredding. After washing and  applying coconut oil, it goes away almost (not completely) and comes back again in few hours. I try to keep my groin as clean as possible, washing and changing loose cotton undergarments twice a day.

Are Cortizone-10(1% hydrocortizone) and Clotrimazole different , because I have tried cortizone-10 and it didn't helped.
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