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Help Understanding Blood Results

Two months back I was in the ER with fever and high heart rate, my blood work came back and my WBC was in range but my Neutrophil% was low and Lymphocyte% was high. So, my primary care doctor ordered a re-check which came back pretty good. My WBC was in range buy this time my Eosinophil% and Absolute Eosinophils were high, He then ordered another recheck for 1 month out and the results are as follows (reference ranges are in brackets.

WBC: 5.0 (4.2-10.2)
Platelet: 340 (140-350)
Neutrophils%: 38 (40-75) LOW
Lymphocyte%: 46 (15-45) HIGH
Monocyte%: 7 (2-12)
Eosinophil%: 8 (0-7) HIGH
Basophil% 1 (0-3)

Absolute Neutrophils: 1.88 (1.25-7.00)
Absolute Lymphocytes: 2.3 (0.75-3.5)
Absolute Monocytes: .36(.2-1.0)
Absolute Eosinophils: .41 (0.0-0.50)
Absolute Basophils: .03 (.00-.10)

So my question is, what would cause the WBC count to be normal but percentages be off while absolute count was in range? These results seemed a little confusing and my doctor just brushed it off. But, it has been a few months and my WBC's have seemed to be all over the map.

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Hi, good question. The WBC count is the total white count. Then they do a microscopic count of 100 cells and take a percentage for a total of 100% so your other cells were a tiny bit high which through off the percentage of other cells. The Eosinophils are present sometimes with an allergy or parasitic infection. But they are not that high. Same with the Lymphocytes it was only a tiny bit high. You could have been fighting a virus or allergy. Is your fever and pulse rate normal now? If so I wouldn't worry about it.
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Yes my fever and heart rate have been fine. I even did a 30 day halter monitor. It’s just weird that 3 weeks ago my WBC just had elevated Eosinophils were high, which made sense as I had allergy skin testing done the day prior. So the doc ordered the recheck and then the neutrophils, lymph’s and eosinophils were out of whack.
Yes the allergy testing fits with the Eosinophil count   Sounds like a virus or something maybe, but your results were not that off.
My allergy testing was almost 3 weeks before this blood result though. That was the weird thing.
FYI, the immune system takes a long time to go down once it is activated. No worries.
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i see normal cbc ...
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