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How can you tell the difference between an STI vs BV/yeast?

I've been having discharge for the longest time. It's white-ish when I whipe(if I look at it long enough I start to think it's yellowish). When it dries it becomes a yellowish-green color with a texture that reminds me of snot and boogers. There's no pain but a slight sour odor when up close to it. I've been doing some research and the possibilities I've come up with are: Trich, Bv, and yeast. Does this sound like any of those?
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It could be any of those if you have had an exposure for trich.  As for BV that is a disruption in normal bacteria which changes the pH. Yeast you can get from  a lot of things. So I would go get tested to see what is going on. If it itches like crazy it may be yeast you can try and over the counter (OTC) yeast treatment like a 3 day and see if it goes away. If it doesn't it can still be a yeast but some of them are resistant to the OTC anti-fungal creams. So they have other ones they can give by prescription after they test you.

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