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How likely it is to get polio from public toilet?

I know polio is almost gone and it is very rare. But something happened today. I generally don't use public washrooms, but I drank 3 liters of water and after half an hour I stepped out of home for some shopping. I am from India and public toilet I used had Indian style toilet. I had to really pee and toilet was really dirty with feaces. I peed almost in standing position(I am female) and thereby causing the some splash on my legs and sleepers(gross, I agree also it's been really long I used Indian style that I almost forgot this problem of splashing). It was so gross that I did not want to touch anything, used santizer on my hands and moved on. As I reached home I washed legs with soap and hot water, half an hour later by mistake I wore the same sleepers which got dirty.
I didn't wash the sleepers as it was used to just go out. Later after 2 hours of that I was inspecting my feet for some injury and used same hands for touching the lips and biting nails and ate with hands as believed I washed thoroughly. I completely forgot I touched my feet and it would have got virus/bacterias from the sleepers.
I am worried what if the toilet had polio virus.? The sleepers were soiled by the splash completely, I believe it definitely got some feaces on it with the splash.
What should I do in such scenario?
India is polio free at the moment and some news says it is not. I don't know. It is very strange situation. I don't even know who does the testing for this.
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Are you vaccinated against polio?
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No, probably was when I was child.
If you were vaccinated as a child, you don't need to worry about polio ever.  If you're not sure, get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

Polio is spread by the oral-fecal route, meaning you would have had to get some feces-contaminated water in your mouth in order to be infected.  It doesn't sound like that happened, but if you are concerned, talk to a doctor about getting tested for antibodies.
I am mostly sure because I had hepatitis b antibodies in my blood just 6 months back and don't remember getting sick, and don't have active hepatitis b. So I might have been vaccinated, but the vaccine India administor is oral. Which doesn't give life time protection.
Also once I had some other issue and was concerned about polio my infectious specialist doctor said polio is eliminated from India. If you would get it you be have to be reported for it.
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