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Immunology Help Needed

I received the Immunogobulin results back from a doctor but she does not understand it clearly.
She said i have low IGM and some other IG was higher.
I have been getting different kinds of infections suck as Oral Yeast Infection, UTI and Upper Respiratory Infections, etc.
I did the HIV test which was negative at 3 months.
What else could cause this?
still have all the infections listed above, and been prescribed Antibiotics for that.
Please help with the situation.
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There are a lot of reasons for low immunity. Sometimes it can be genetic where you were born with a mutation that affects your ability to make enough of certain blood cells etc. or if not genetic it can be due to a lot of things like stress, malnutrition or lack of certain vitamins like A, E , zinc copper,Iron, selenium. But these usually can be found in a multivitamin because you only need the zinc etc. in trace amounts.  If you are not absorbing nutrients right through the intestines that also possible. But, usually you see floating , fatty or glossy stools.

Another cause can be anemia. Have you had a complete blood count done? This can check to see if you have the right amount of blood cells used to make your immune cells.

Do you have any health problems other than these infections?

I usually see my stool comeout normal but when its in the water, it breaks apart.
I am not aware of any other issues other than these infections.
My doctor did the blood test and everything else, such as diabetes, thyroid was normal. Except Low IgM and another Ig was high (but i dont remember).
I did the HIV rapid fingerptick test at 3 month mark, which was Negative.
Thanks Again!
If the IgE was high that could be allergy, also sometimes parasites can cause IgE to get higher. But if you dont' have diarrhea or other gastric problems then you probably don't have a parasite.  IgG is one of the immunoglobulins that can be high when you are fighting an infection or your immunity (long term and past infections) is good. IgM is short term (current) infection. So, it probably is okay to have a slightly lower IgM and higher IgG. But if it is only slightly low IgM and slightly high it isn't that big of a deal. It depends on your values.
Hello, My results are normal except:

IgM: 36 mg/L     ref range (60-250)
IgE: 225 mg/L   ref range (0-100)

Everything else, cholesterol, diabetes, etc etc... everything is normal.

What could be wrong.
Please help
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Well, the high IgE could be due to allergies or autoimmune disease. Not sure if the IgM is related to the same. Perhaps you should get some further testing done.  If you have an autoimmune disease maybe it can lower your immunity and give your frequent infections. So perhaps see a Rheumatologist to see if you have one. It makes more sense than an allergy.
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