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Infection from offal organ blood?

I ordered lamb liver and package is generally vaccum packed. I kept this liver package on my kitchen slab and then took took to other areas where I generally prepare non veg stuff. I don't keep raw meat around slab or kitchen area I just cook it. Sometime later I saw blood on my slab indicating package was not vaccum packed properly and was leaking blood, I cleaned the slab with disinfectants. But later my husband prepared something and cleaned that area with our kitchen cloth. He ate food with his hands. I am worried is there some risk? I didn't clean the slab with hot water. I don't generally cook meat I eat may be one in two month or so not habitual with safety measures. Meat was not new it was old and it wasn't vaccum packed either. What are the chances of destroying germs and other harmful bacteria with just a disinfectant?
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Hi I hope you are well
If you didn't get sick you should be fine. What kind of disinfectant did you put on the cutting board? Did you wash the board off after with water? It is not good to injest disinfectants.  Most disinfectants will kill bacteria and viruses.  But, maybe not parasites.  However, you wouldn't generally get a parasite from blood in meat. Its usually in the tissue. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the response. Not neither of us got sick. Now I am more careful with it.
Glad to hear that you are well.
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