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Infection from scratch from goat bone?

I was clean goat meat at home. I was removing fat attached to the bone. Probably got hurt from one of the sharp ends, did not see at that time. I see a red scratch now.
It seems I hurt my self pretty bad.
I put the entire meat pieces in one big bowl and was cleaning the meat with my dipped in it. It was blood pool.
I am scared. Should I visit doctor?
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Yes you should see a doctor.  Do you have a fever? Do you see any red streaks coming out of the wound? If so go to a Emergency room. Raw meat can have bacteria. It's hard to know. If it was freshly killed the meat inside may be ok but the outside maybe not ok. Wash the area and put antibiotic ointment on it and a ckeand bandage until you see the doctor.  Does it hurt? Hope this is helpful.
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